Giveaway: Britney Spears' Perfume & Tesco Ma Li Winners

It's the Eve of Chinese New Year! Gosh, everyone ready and all dressed up for your dinner pre-union dinner with your family? :D

Anyways I am sorry for this late post. I thought I could have done this yesterday but gosh, being in the car for 4 hours can really drain your energy away. Btw I am back at my hometown already! Anyone heard of Ayer Tawar? :D

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This market is super near my hometown place :D

So let's just enter straight into announcing the winners. Remember last giveaway? It was the Britney Spears' Perfume. And the winner is...

Carmen Teoh

" I want the perfume because I'm turning 20 next year, and I need a perfume as an ingredient to transform me from a little girl into a woman! Besides, I like free stuffs too, you know how that feels like eh? ;) "

I know I mention that I would announce the winner of the Tesco Ma Li by yesterday but something came up and I am sorry for the delay everyone!

Elaine Khoo

" I want the Ma Li (Horse) because I love animals and since its called Ma Li (sounds like Horse Come); i want the horse to come to my house and be part of my pet besides Yogi(toy poodle) & Kangar(rabbit). Mari la kuda !!! =) "

Congratulations to them both! Do keep a lookout for more giveaways. There might be something big coming up soon!

Meet my grand aunt :)

Have a wonderful night ahead
Eat lots of Yee Sang!
Happy early CNY everyone! <3
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  1. Jess, isn't the requirement for the Ma Li contest to be in 20 words? Why is the winner for it not following the requirement?

    1. Hi there. I just notice it after you mention it. Thank you for pointing it out for me. The winners have already been notify and I would make sure this doesn't happen for the future giveaways. Happy Chinese New year and thanks again for letting me know :)


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