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Alrights, lets take a break from all of the food, travel, fashion, etc posts and lets get down to business. 
Gosh I sound so serious now. Haha.

Anyways, not sure about you all but have you ever felt like your room is packed with so many of your previous textbook, revision books or books from big bad wolf sale or popular sale? I remember when I was in form 4, my room was still filled with PMR revision books (its so unfair that the recent batch doesn't have to take PMR anymore) and I just didn't have the heart to recycle them as they were all kept in a good condition. When I want to give it away, it seems like everyone had their books already. This goes the same for SPM also. 

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Got to many books in your house? Want to make a profit of them?
Need some textbooks but too broke to get some?

When I enter College, I was so shocked that textbooks were so bloody expensive. I enrolled into CIMP in Sunway University and I almost fainted when I went to the book store to ask how much were my textbooks. You won't believe it how much they told me. I still remember that FOR ONE BOOK it was priced at RM200. Social Science subjects somehow is always priced the most expensive. I bought a second hand book in the end for RM120. At that time, I thought okay la maybe the books is expensive because I am in a canadian program.

But as I enter University, it is even worst. The prices goes higher. Lol. Seriously, we are students that don't earn a single cent and how are we suppose to afford them? Sometimes after the semester is over, my room would pilled up of unnecessary textbooks again. All of them were taken care properly and sometimes, no ones wants to buy it because the lecturer decided to change the textbook for their subject (Seriously hates it when that happens. haha). Same goes to my other novel books after I read them for dozens of time.

So yeah, I always wished that there was a platform where I could sell my books to other people. Maybe there are other people out there who wants my book without making them broke.

So Bookup.my saw this problem and they started an online platform for people to sell their books and to buy books for a cheaper price. Besides that, this also help people to recycle the books and not let them go to waste.

Check out this video for a better understanding of BookUp :)

They have various variety of books, which include, Art & Design, Business & Management, Engineering, Language, Law, Science, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Others and Chinese books. Most of their books priced from RM7 and above. It is seriously affordable and you are able to identify the standard of the book with the help of their table form.

How to buy?
It's just like any online store where you
1. Choose the book you want (Search the ISBN, Title, Author or Keyword of the book)
2. Click to cart and check out
3. Sign in/ Create an account
5. Purchase it online with your debit card.

For more info of buying books:  Click here

How to sell? 
1. Submit your books
2. Ship for free
3. Get Paid
More details Click here 

Got some questions? Click here for their FAQ

So what cha waiting for? 
I am gonna be clearing off my entire bookshelf. I can finally part with all of my babies. I hope this helps some of you with an overwhelming amount of books in your house.


Have a wonderful day everyone!
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  1. This is great! My sister has a lot of books she wants to sell off. Haha.

  2. hey babe! Hahaha I also will be doing a write up on bookup soon. p/s. am amazed at ur blogging speed, you seem to be churning out posts like every single day! (Y)

    1. hey babe. hahaha. i wish i am blogging faster lo. a LOT of event blog post is delayed. i wish i got all of the time in the world. i need more time! :P

  3. that's a super-cool idea! i don't have a lot of books but i have a lot of CDs that i'd like to get rid of :D

    1. sounds like a new business idea for you! :P

    2. Hi when you take your spm? If u r after 2011 I want your books. So u have too many books? How about free giveaway? So I want Oxford success biology, add maths, pelangi chemistry, ekonomi asas, geografi n pass year paper for all pure science subjects n the main subjects too.

    3. Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I took spm 5 years ago. I gave away all of my books 4 years ago. Hope spm was alright for you!

  4. N my email is pak.sheng@yahoo.com, you can reply via that

  5. Hi is there any other platform for me to sell my spm books?

    1. Hi there, you could start with carousell? It's an online buy and sell platform. Details of the app is on my blog :)

  6. Where is the best place to sell your college textbooks?
    how to sell stuff on amazon

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