Place: Korean Products (Desa Sri Hartamas)

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Hey all! Happy Saturday! How is your long weekend so far? Getting bored? Sometimes when my family and I are bored, we love to go to the hypermart for some grocery shopping or just enjoying the free aircon. Yes we enjoy moments like that together. 2014 is a year to save you know! :P

Anyways, I stumble upon this super cool KOREAN 'mart'. They sold only Korean Products in the store. To those who always dream of going to Korea but never could (like me. haihs) should check out this place! I was so amaze when I enter in the shop! Everything I always wanted from watching of all of the Korean drama is there in the store! :D

Love Korean Dramas?
Want to live like Koreans?
Want to go to Korea but just don't have the chance?

Front Entrance

Kpop Idol Socks

Kinda shock that they don't have Big Bang D:

They got some weird flavours for their toothpaste. haha
Try them if you DARE ;)

Korean Clothing Wash? :D

Some quilts and cloth calender :D

Collagen Hair Shampoo

Never knew that there was such shizz before. 
Was actually tempted to try it just to see the aftermath of my hair. 
Would it look prettier after using it? hmmm


This ought to be my most favourite item in the whole store! 
Who needs to go out for korean bbq at some expensive store anymore if we got this?! <3
Plus it was super affordable lo. Starting price at RM 70+
CHEAP right? <3

Korean plates and bowls

Korean long spoons and thin metal chopsticks

I actually bought one set for myself. Only at RM5 each :D
Finally can eat my rice at home korean style. teehee.

Stone bowls

Especially good for bibimbap :D

Alcohol Shot Glasses || RM5 for two !

Especially good for SOJU :D

Korean coffee

Korean Ginseng Snacks :/

I hate ginseng btw. Too bitter for me..

Red Ginseng Caramel

Anyone wanna take up the challenge? haha.

Kpop files and other accesories

Cute Korean Nail Clippers

RM10 for 8 wei! Talk about a good deal :D

Some weird korean stick and fan. haha

Beauty Organizer || RM85

This is seriously the most overpriced item in the whole store. 
I could get it for RM30 at Klang man.

Korean decorative items

The words are actually blessings for their family. The owner of the store told me that la :)

Basically this is a good store to go to if you forgotten to buy back any souvenirs for your friends and family. To me this store kinda made me feel like I was in Korea. Seriously Imma coming back for the BBQ Platter when I get my salery! :D Haha.

Hope this helps some of you :D
Korean Products Store
Same row as Mr Lim Korean BBQ Restaurant
Jalan 26A/70A Primaville, Desa Sri Hartamas.
Happy Travelling Everyone!
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