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Good morning everyone! Feeling like a zombie this morning like me?! Seriously, I should learn to stop sleeping at 4am in the morning. Feel like my soul ain't attach to my body right now. haha. Anyways it's a new week and time for new adventures. Not sure if you know about this place but have ya'all heard about this awesome store call TYPO?

Front Entrance

This is seriously by far the coolest stationary store I ever been too. Don't get me wrong, I know Typo has been in Malaysia for a while now but I rarely got the change to go there because of their store locations D:
Why are all of Typo stores so far? D':

Anyways if you love hipster kind of designs on your stationary
Typo is the place to go to :D

Went to their Pavilion outlet last Tuesday because it was a holiday and since we were in Pavilion why not check it out :D

Typo have one of the most interesting designs for stationary. Lots of them are design creatively with some of the quirkiest quotes. I usually get my typo stuff when it's sales time. The prices would be placed at an incredible discount. My friends got a stack of wrappers for only RM4. Crazy cheap right? And it was in a snoopy design. Super cute for those who wants a cute wrapper for their table or presents :D

I usually go crazy for their notebooks.
Got a few of my notebooks before at RM5 from their store <3

Their cards are usually one of a kind

They even sell lanterns too
*Instant Room Decos*

There is even some items themed ready for CNY :D
Dong dong dong chiang!

Some colourful quote picture frames and a world map :D

They even got some useful accessories like
neck cushion and cute eye mask <3

Check out the notebook combo :D

I seriously can't survive a week without my planner next to me.
Plus they got a variety of pretty covers to choose from!
Check out the disco diva cover :D

Eiffel Tower Scissors anyone? :P

Alphabet Deco for sale! :D
Scrabble fans would love this. hehe. 

They got chalks too. Can you spot the pokka dot chalk version? :D

More stuff for scrapbook fanatics 

More deco items :D

These cards caught my attention the most.

I fart you card for father's day or your dad's bithday?
And a really mean break up card?

So yeah. Hope this helps give you an idea what they have in Typo.
Check it out when you can.
I am already saving up for some stuff there <3

Lot No. : 4.01.03, Level 4
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel. : 2141 3399
Website : www.typoshop.com.au
Other outlets that I know of is at Setia City Mall
If you do know of more outlets do share at the comment! :D
Somehow or another every outlet got different items at different prices

Happy shopping everyone!
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