Sale: Kistchen / Nichii Warehouse Sale Review (Cheras Sentral Mall)

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Its been a LONG time since I post a SALE post right? Since it is a Sunday, it is the best time to go shop! :D Not sure if all of you are aware of this sale but Kitschen's Facebook Page have been spamming my facebook newsfeed with their latest sale. It is a combination of Kitschen+Nichii+Dressing Paula. I went for their last Nichii warehouse sale and it was a complete let down la. But surprisingly this year's warehouse sale was better than what I expected.

Photo Credits: Kitschen Facebook Page

FYI I asked the store when are they ending the sale and they said 28th of JANUARY.
Check with them again. I could be wrong :(
For more info you can call their store or contact them on fb.
All info would be at the bottom of this post. So do read it :D <3

Photo Credits: Kitschen Facebook Page

Haven't done your CNY shopping yet?
You got one day of sales to kick start your wardrobe! :D
Sad to say I didn't see any of the clothes from the above picture when I was there. So I, Carmen and her sister decided to do go check out the sale spontaneously. We actually finished an event early and thought why not? Btw all events on January would be on my blog before February. I know I am very behind schedule. I would be posting a calender widget on my right for you to see all of the events that happened in January :D So do stay tune kay? :D

Lots of working tops for RM15 and below each!

Pants for RM15 and below!

I seriously wanted to get that RED top lo. It would have been perfect for CNY. 
If only they had my size!
FYI there were a LOT of Size S.

Maxi Dresses || RM30

Dressing Paula Cardigans || RM30

Kitschen tops and skirts as low as RM15 each!

There were a lot of checkers shirt

Cool blazers too

Funky pants (RM5-15) and gorgeous dresses (RM25-RM30) 

Check out that red cut out dress! Only at RM25.
It was M ):

Heels || RM15

Various tops from RM10


Cropped checkers top || RM15

Honestly speaking, after 1 hour of shopping I couldn't find anything that was RM1. I guess it was just a good marketing promo la. haha. Overall I got a good buy la. The girls spent RM80 together and I spent RM125! Haha. Got 3 dresses, 3 tops and a heel.

So actually it was really a good buy la. I used waze the entire journey (Search for 'Cheras Sentral Mall'). It was only 15 minutes drive from Bangsar (Our event location). If you really don't know how to go there, waze Taman Connaught. It is 5 minutes away from that area. Super near to Tesco Extra.

Anyways YOU all got a day left to shop. Make sure you arrive to the mall before 8PM kay, because if you are later than that, they won't let you into the hall. Btw, their basement parking is SUPER DOGGY. They DID NOT ON THEIR LIGHTS. So all of us just rely on our phones and the incoming cars headlights as our lights. Be safe and don't park alone there okay? <3

Things to note when going for the warehouse sale:
1. There is NO changing room
2. Credit Cards are accepted
3. Bring a bag to avoid holding all of the clothes like a mad woman during the warehouse sale
4. The location of this sale is next to Starbucks in the mall (near the entrance of the mall)

Cheras Sentral Mall
Nichii (Next to Starbucks, at the mall entrance)
No.1 Jalan 8/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
56100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-92831110

Opening Hours: 10AM-8PM

FYI notice something different on my pictures? 
It's all thanks to Clement for the awesome logo design :D 
Email me if you like to work with him :D

It ought to be my first time going to a warehouse sale so dressy. haha. *paiseh*

Happy shopping babes!
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