Event: Journey To Intimacy (Valentine's Day Special)

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So there is about 8 more days to Valentine's day. I bet so people are scratching their brains on what to do on that day. I heard that some guys have started planning for the perfect valentine's day for their dates since January. Some even got the florist numbers on speed dials just in case! Haha.

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On the other hand, some girls are prepping some homemade shizz (Food? Chocolates? Knitted stuff?). I sound like bitter eh? Then there is the single group like me where I would be filling my valentine's day with work and may one or two episodes of some korean drama. haha. Every year the cycle stays the same.

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Couples trying to fill each valentine's day with lovely memorable outing for each other and 
singles trying their best to stay sane

Instead of doing the usual shizz, why not do something different?

What you may ask? 
Continue reading and you might just take a journey to learn how love each other better

Rekindle Community would be having a workshop specially for Valentine's Day, "Journey to Intimacy: Learning, Experiencing & Harvesting Love"

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Being in a relationship can be one of the greatest thing that ever happen. As you got your partner by your side watching out for each other and enjoying life's challenges together. Sometimes though it can be tricky understanding each other's expectation of one another. Sometimes, without realizing we could risk hurting one another. 

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Journey to Intimacy allows the participants to learn how to interact with each other and understand the inner world of their partners. Through this workshop, partners learn to have better control in handling conflicts and how to build intimacy in their relationship. This will help in reducing the impact of hurt feelings and improve the quality of their intimate relationships. 

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Based on 30 years of empirical clinical researches, Dr. Wei-Jen Huang, an international clinical psychologist, developed and integrated a set of practical and interactive behavioral and experiential healing exercises (e.g., self-analysis, interactive discussion, group discussion, etc.) in Journey to Intimacy.

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The workshop would be conducted in Mandarin by Ong Bee Leng. Ms Ong Bee Leng has completed Diploma in Counselling studies in Bible College Malaysia and is currently pursuing her Masters in Ministry. She has experience helping families with special children and topics such as marriage, parent-child relationships, communication skills, self-growth and bible knowledge.

Topics in Journey to Intimacy
Exploring Love, Improving quality of relationship, Enhancing Understanding for Each Other, 
Increasing EQ & Managing Conflicts.

Who can join this?
Married Couples, Couples &
Helpers (Those who want to understand and learn more about relationship therapy)

15 February | 22 February | 1 March


Individual | RM 360 | 
RM120 x 3 session

Pair | RM 680
RM340 per person

Four Individuals | RM1,280 
RM320 per person

 Learning materials | Certificates | Tea-time

"Listening is loving as there’s healing in empathy."

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Join and strengthen the bond with you and your partner today!

Click Here to Register now to Journey to Intimacy Workshop
Rekindle Community
40-2, Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For more Information:
Tel: 03-62017470
Email: workshops@rekindlecommunity.org

Wish you all an early happy valentine's day.
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