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Hey all! Gosh it's been a little long since I wrote a proper post about events right? Oh wells, better late than never right?

So I got a chance to attend CUAK Gala Movie Premiere a day BEFORE valentine's day at TGV ONE UTAMA. I wish I knew the people who attended the event but apparently they were all actors/actresses/media/socialites of our country. Honestly I wish I paid more attention in our Malaysian Films and I was glad that I manage to attend the movie premiere of CUAK alongside with the cast of the movie. A few people dressed up super glam and all. There was a red carpet and even a photo opportunity with the movie theme in place at the cinema.

Check out the trailer before you continue with this post :)

In case you don't know CUAK is a local (Malaysian) independent film. Cuak, which means 'cold feet' in Bahasa Melayu. One thing unique of this movie is that there were 5 directors telling different parts of the story of a young man named Adam (Ghafir Akbar) getting second thoughts when he was about to get married to his fiance Brenda (Dawn Cheong).

Both Lead Actor & Actress

Each director had a different manner of telling a story. Some started from the ending and move backwards while some told the story as it is. All of them had a different perspective and outlook of the story. It was refreshing to watch different scenes at movie as it feels that it was different people telling a tale of what's happening and in the the end drawing it back to the wedding day :)

The Directors

The only two people that I knew from the movie was from Patrick Teoh and Kuah Jenhan because of my internship. They both were just hilarious at their given scenes. The entire cinema hall laughed in united when they were on screen. Complete funny men. They should consider doing a comedy show together ;)

Funny Men Kuah Jenhan & Patrick Teoh

I do hope that you all won't miss out on watching CUAK. Though I didn't quite enjoy the way they film it, too much close up scenes and some dark scenes BUT I ABSOLUTELY love the plot. They hit on some sensitive issues that mix relationships would usually face. Religion and the difficulty of adapting to the partner's religion. I shall not tell more, go watch it on your own! :D

MOVIES in general always talk about the happily ever after of weddings or the joy of wedding planning. CUAK on the other hand talks about the reality of how an individual might go through before a marriage. At the film they talked about religion, which I thought was really tricky but I applaud them for such boldness to show how it might be like for those who might be in mixed relationships.

Besides that the movie also show some scenes of how some meddlesome friends, crazy in-laws, skeptical stepbrother and unresolved ex-girlfriend issues could lead Adam doubtful before his marriage.

In life there isn't a mr right or ms right. For me, his movie showed me that when you love someone and that person loves you back, everything else around is manageable to overcome, no matter how crazy it might be.

Go watch the movie and let me know what you think of it! :D It is out in selected cinema outlets :)


In case you were wondering how is a Malaysian Movie Premiere/Gala Night was, here is a few pictures of the night :)

We came on time, ok. Malaysian will be Malaysians.
Guess we gotta be fashionably late next time.

Teman of the night :)
Love CUAK's photo opp :D Rasa CUAK? :P

A few minutes before the movie premiere.
I think it was one of the directors giving a speech. 
FYI I am quite short. So that was my view during his whole speech.

Thank You Nuffnang for the opportunity to attend the event :)

At the end of the event the gave out Bunga Telur 
(A malay traditional door gift for guests at a wedding)

Guess who I met after the movie? 
It was Timonthy Tiah & Audrey! Too bad the picture came out blur. Oh wells.

With Ghahir & Dawn in real life and poster. hahaha!
Love their amazing chemistry on screen!

So don't miss out on the movie! Go watch it :D
Hope you all had an amazing week!
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