Food: Tokyo Kitchen (One CIty, USJ)

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Food: Tokyo Kitchen (One CIty, USJ)
Hey you all! How was your Chinese New Year? I wish I could enjoy more of the wonderful break. I bet everyone is back to classes or work already eh? I got back to my mundane life yesterday. Oh life of an intern. haha.

Anyways, before I got back to work I got to try TOKYO KITCHEN! Heard one of my friend raving about and luckily they just open a branch at One City Mall <3 It was like fated for me to go there. hehe.

Craving for some Japanese food?
Want to enjoy good ambiance with your friends?

Check out this cool shizz

Read more for more details :D

The moment I step into the restaurant, I fell in love with the Japanese Deco. I haven't got a chance to go to Japan yet but when I was in the restaurant, I felt like someone had transported me out of Malaysia and into a very zen Japanese heaven. Sounds a little over the top right? But that is how it was for me la. hehe.

Pretty ain't it?

My teman :D

The restaurant is quite big, they also got more seats upstairs :)

Since it was lunch time, we went straight for the Lunch Menu
And shared one set.

Somehow CNY messed up my appetite and I guess I don't really eat much now. haha.
I bet this won't last long. Btw I didn't gain any weight during CNY. If anything, I think I lost 1 kg. HAHA.

With each set there is a Free Green Tea Drink
Without the set, the Green Tea would be RM2.40

Check out the clay plates and decos on the table. Very green and zen :D

Chicken Teriyaki Don + Hot Udon || RM26.80

They served tofu, salad, miso soup and chawanmushi with the set.

Honestly speaking the chawanmushi was a disappointment. I prefer the one at Ichi Zen as they had more extra fillings at the bottom of the the cup and the texture there was smoother as compare to Tokyo Kitchen.

The chicken on the other hand is the best Teriyaki Chicken I ever had! Too bad there were so few pieces. Generally, this set can be shared with 2 small eaters. If you are a big eater, just finish it on your own or else you might just left hungry later.

(Each) Salmon Sushi || RM3.30

If I haven't been craving for this, I think I wouldn't have order it because it was the kinda pricey. It wasn't any different as any other salmon sushi la. So if I do go back I doubt I would order this again. Might just tackle on their Salmon Lunch Set next time :P

Salmon makes Jie a happy girl 

I love how they have wooden planks for anyone to just write what ever they want and hang it at their wall :D
Do ask them for it as they keep these behind the counter

They have a few different colour markers ready

Look how focus I am

In the end this is the best I could come out with
I blame the marker that i turn out this way. haha

Me and my wooden plank

Here is the back of it
If only I brought a sharpie :P
It just might look better :D hehe

Try to spot mine :D 
Hopefully when I go back it would still be there untouched :D

Verdict: 7/10
Honestly, I won't be raving for the food serve here. I love the place and the deco! Something like Fullhouse I guess. It is definately a place to go to with friends to enjoy the deco and the activity of writing on the wooden plank together :D hehe. They don't have a facebook page or a number on their receipt. But generally it wasn't too crowded there, because it just open a few months ago.

Tokyo Kitchen (One City)
D-GF-06 One City,
Jalan USJ 25/1, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Happy food hunting all. xx
Do let me know what you think about the place if you tried it before! <3
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