Sale: CNY Haul & On-Going Sales (Fashion Fast Forward, Make Up, Skin Care)

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So I promised that I would blog about my CNY Haul at my last Haul. Sorry about that yeah. Things just got caught up and yeah here it is! :D This CNY Haul is from Kitschen and Forever 21. I got them around mid January. I know it may seem like I'm a shopaholic, but I am not alright :P Just needed to update my wardrobe for the new year and events :)

Btw I bought everything from Pyramid. That mall ought to be my shopping emergency sanctuary since it's so close to home :) REMEMBER this haul was from January. They had all the CNY sales and shizz.

My Entire Haul!
Damn cheap lo. Got my dresses for RM24 ONLY!
Continue reading to find out more ;)

 Lets start with Kitschen since I got 7 stuff from there :)

This was all found at Kitschen Pyramid outlet. 
Make sure not to miss this!!!

Here are some of the stuff I bought during the January sale.
FYI though the sale is still on-going, I didn't see anymore of these stuff at their store.
The prices in red was the original price of the items yeah :)

Out of all my buys. The Red Dress was the one I love the most.

Got my bottom apparel from here only since they didn't have any sale at that time D:
They were all under best buy la. Still cheap anyways :)

I wanted to get this skirt lo. If only it wasn't RM90++ ):

Anyways got these three bottom apparels. 
FOREVER 21 got the best JEANS pants ever la.
Been wearing their pants since I work there at 18? <3

The entire haul for RM334.90
Quite worth it lo for 3 dresses, 3 skirts, 2 jeans pants and 2 tops <3

Anyways, just another reminder, I ain't a shopaholic. haha.


To those who wanna update your wardrobe/skin care products, now is the time to do it! :D
If you are a Fashion Fast Forward Member, this might just be the best deal of the entire year.
Wanna hear the sad part? I lost my member card </3 sniff sniff

Some of my friends are going for this. 
I love this sale because you can always get eye liners for less than RM10!
So if you use make up often, this is a sale not to miss! :D

This on the other hand is for those who have a higher budget for skin care and make up.

For KOSE, I know that they are having a RM200 off for certain sets.
Go to Pavilion to check it out! :D

As for Hada Labo, if you spent RM100 & above at any Watson or Gurdian,
you will get a free Hada Labo kit at the Japan Beauty Week.

As for the other brand, check out their Facebook Page for more info :)

Happy Shopping Everyone! :D
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