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Hey! Have you all been noticing how people are talking about LINE SHOPPING on facebook or instagram? Well I saw A LOT of my friends been posting shizz about line shopping and how crazy cheap it is la. There was once where I saw fourfeetnine posted a picture on instagram that someone got an incredible deal for a CASIO CAMERA at only RM14.52~! 


So I decided try it out la and guess what happen? I ended up scatching my head and just thinking how do I download Line Shopping App. Stupid me lo.

After an hour, I finally knew how to do it.

So I decided to do a small tutorial on how to get LINE SHOPPING on your LINE APP :D
Continue Reading to find out how! :D

Some people actually got their Samsung Note 3 for RM10!
Seriously WTC man

Before that, let me just tell you how does Line Shopping work la. They have deals on it everyday. My favourite deal that they have is called, NAME OWN YOUR PRICE DEAL.

RM10 for IPAD?

Which literally means name your price la. haha. So like from the post above, the product of the time was the Casio Camera, and that random person key in 14.52 as the price they would pay for the camera. Due to that price being a unpopular unique number and not a common figure, that person won lo!

So I guess you ought to be creative for these shizz. I didn't know about the 'unique' number thing and always key in 20.00. LOL. Noob right? Remember to put two decimal places and DON'T PUT RM :) Just the number!
Time for the tutorial
hehe :)
Its actually from the line app. So make sure you already downloaded the app! :D

After you download, go to the line app and ADD FRIEND

Find Line Shopping from the official account!

And add them! :D

They got notifications for all of the upcoming deals.
So you won't miss out on any :)

Name Your Own Price Deal
I actually join this Kate Spade thing and key in 20.00. Stupid la me.
hahaha. but damn untung to that person who won it for 11.92 lo ):
To all the GUYS out there, they got a lot of tech stuff too.
So don't miss out! :D

Besides name your price, they got other deals too. The other one is called RM10 Rock Bottom Deal!
In order to view this deal, LINE users ought to be constantly on a look out on LINE SHOPPING as when the deal is out, too many users would crowd it and sometimes cause the site to be unload-able. So be on your toes for this deal! YOU KNOW WHY? They got gadgets like SAMSUNG TAB 3 at the deal of RM10 ONLY WEI!

I seriously hope they will have Ipad soon :D Been wanting one for A LONG TIME... Hehe ;)

Hope this helps you all :D
For more details about LINE SHOPPING, click here ba :)

All the best to you all!
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