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I'm gonna talk about the 8-letter word today, EXERCISE. Painful hearing it eh? Haha. If you read my previous post about my life growing up as a fat chick, you can easily guess that exercising wasn't one of my favorite activity as a kid. 

Honestly even now it isn't. 

But after getting teased at for a long time and wanting to be healthy at 15 years old, I thought why not? So I started exercising and eating healthy right after PMR. The results were only seen after a year when I lost 10kg

Let me give you a short flashback to how it was for me.
Curious to find out?
Continue reading and expect something at the end of this post!

Okay this is a little paiseh sharing this here but losing the weight and eating healthy kinda changed me. It didn't turn me into some supermodel and all but I started to gain confidence, spoke in public, socialize with other people and learned to actually love myself.

Before that, I would have been antisocial in a group because I was ashamed of myself and thoughts like "they won't want to be friends with a fat girl" would always linger in my head. Sometimes it would be so terrible that I would hide myself in a toilet cubical during any event my parents brought me to (sounds hard to believe right? but that was how it was for me). Due to my eczema, I couldn't stay outside for long because my skin would just get so itchy and I won't stop scratching it. Because of that, I didn't like to do activities or exercise as a kid. My sis on the other hand was the activate one, she will always be doing something crazy and wild like climbing a tree or rollerblading around. She didn't had eczema la. haha.

Here is a picture of me when I was 13
FYI I gain more weight from this picture until I was 15
Don't laugh, I don't know what I was thinking to get that haircut -.-

But after exercising and eating healthy, I notice that I got more energy to do more things. I also realise that the simplest way could also be an exercise. In the end, all I needed to do was to move my body. Little by little, as long as I was moving, it made a difference.

A year after changing to a healthy lifestyle
*still can't believe that my friends took this picture of me during our exams*

So even now, I still hate exercising, but I do make an effort to at least exercise by walking for 3-5km per week. Either on the treadmill or just making an effort to take the stairs instead of using the lift, moving our body is important :)

The picture on the right was taken yesterday before an event :)

So with this, let me move to the main part of this post. In conjunction to World Health Day, Watson is having an event, Move Your Body Event on 30th March 2014 at Sunway Lagoon. I bet you have heard of it either on Facebook or Hitz.FM :) Every morning I would hear it for about 5 times since I am stuck in the traffic jam. FYI they got a very catchy Move Your Body Song too! :D They collaborated with both Celebrity Fitness and Hitz.FM with this event. So do expect to see all of your favorite Hitz.FM Radio Announcers there :)

To attend the event, all you gotta do is get your ticket at Klang Valley & Negeri Sembilan Watson Outlets! It is only RM 30! Super cheap lo to go to SUNWAY LAGOON, since per ticket there is RM120. At the event, they will have games, lucky draw and even a dance event to help promote healthy lifestyle by Moving Our Body :)

Watson also have a Move Your Body Dance Challenge! Anyone can join this contest and you can stand a chance to win RM5,000 Cash and dance with Hitz.FM Crew on 30th March. Interested? Even I joined the contest with my friends. See! Everyone can dance if I can :P hehe.


Hopefully we win. Muahahaha.

For more info of this event and the contest, head to Move Your Body Website :)

Hope to see you at the event ;)
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