Event: Freshel All-In-One-Gel & Ambassador Announcement Press Event

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Hey all! How's your week so far? :D Hope that it's bearable :P Anyways remember the past post of the private Freshel event? Before that I had a chance to go for Freshel had a press event, where they announced their new ambassador for Freshel and the official launch of their All-In-One-Gel. Was lucky enough to be invited for this event by Veronica! :) Thank you btw <3 The event was held at Saujana Resort Spa. First time going to the 'spa' location and gosh the place was so peaceful and zen :D

The first thing I saw when I got to the 'spa'

Oh and another thing! Yu Heng, Malaysian singer, is the ambassador for Freshel Malaysia. You gotta check out her songs! She got the most amazing voice ever la! Gosh, just so good! :D

Yu Heng with Freshel's product

During the event, it was a very intimate time for the media to listen to Yu Heng and to understand about Freshel's products.

Curious to find out what Yu Heng shared with us?
Continue reading for more information :)

Looks very posh right?

It was my first time going to the spa and it's so beautifully decorated. Felt so zen just looking at it :)

They even got 2 beautiful girls to help show off the products

They got a total of 4 range of products.

Whitening Range

Cleansing Range

Moisture Range

Ex Moisture Range

I currently have their Moisture Range! Can't wait to use it soon. hehe :D
Besides that, they also highlight their All-In-One-Gels :)

All 5 Gels

All of them comes in different range also :D

At the event, it was literally like a spa for all of us media people <3 hehe.

Veronica getting information about the products :)

They even got a make over area for us! :D
With their make up range of course ;)

So here is me, before (left) and after (right)

Felt like my eyebrows are a little too thick but oh wells, pretty? heh <3

Here is Minnie with her Make Over

Check out the crowd
Everyone was there from bloggers, Astro, Cleo, Wanita, Seventeen, Hot Magazine, Newspaper & etc

Emcee of the event

Kanebo (Freshel) 's CEO

Watson's GM

Kanebo (Freshel) & Watson's Collaboration

So you can find all of Freshel's Products at WATSON! :D

Yu Heng & the Emcee

They talked about her wedding, her future babies?, her career and her current favourite products from Freshel:)

She also sang us a Freshel Song!
Which she wrote in 10 minutes at her hotel room. Cool right?
It sound super catchy too. hehe.

I video-ed it. So go watch now <3

Group Photo Shot

Yu Heng with her poster. hehe
So cute la she :D

Later she also talk to the media about more of her favourite freshel's product

Tried to talk to her but there were so MANY people trying to get her attention.
So oh wells. hehe.

Minnie and I :)
Teman of the event <3

Us with the CEO :)

It was a wonderful event and I can't wait to try out Freshel's Products <3

Have a good week ahead!!
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