Event: VU Philanthropy Bazaar (Sunway University)

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Hey all, how is your morning so far? I thought that I got class at 8.30am, so I rushed like a mad woman to university but guess what? Class only starts at 10.30am. Feel so dumb right now, so I thought why not blog about an event happening at university now? :)

 Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page

Sunway always have various of bazaars happening from different department. This event was organised by Victorian University la. Honestly it is one of the most interesting event so far. I love the variety of the vendors and how organise the event is. Definitely one of my favourite bazaar from Sunway University <3

 Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page

 Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page
Bored in university and don't know what to do?
Go a long break before your classes?

Continue reading to find out more about the Bazaar! 

Before you purchase anything at the vendors, you gotta grab your RM10 coupon. So make sure you purchase them at the main booth before you actually buy something ;)

  Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page
 The Coupon

 It was done in a very carnival style la the entire bazaar. Could see that they took an effort to decorate the place unlike the previous bazaar in university. I even heard that they decorated the entire place until 1.30am! Talk about strong will :)

Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page
 The decorated bazaar

They got various vendors like I mentioned from selling fruit juice, sushi, popcorn, kebab, hanna services, threading services, ice cream, manicure station and jar juices.

  Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page

Fresh Fruit Juice Vendor

  Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page
Sushi Vendor

 Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page
Popcorn Planet Vendor

Kebab Vendor
He actually turn and smiled at me but my phone caught it at an awkward phase. haha

  Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page
Hanna Vendor

 Eyebrow Threading Vendor

I can't believe they actually got an eyebrow threading to come for the bazaar. If I knew earlier I would have done mine here. It is only RM7~! :)Both eyebrow and hanna vendor are from Khoobsurat Beauty Parlour

 Ice Cream Vendor

I also couldn't believe that they got N Brew to come! Love their concept and ice cream. They will literally make the ice cream in front of you. Sorta la. It's super cool because it looks like they are doing an experiment with all of the dry ice mist coming out. hehe.

Nail Polish Vendor

This is my favourite! China Glaze Malaysia are selling their nail polish here sold for a super duper cheap price! They also do manicure on the spot for those who wants. If there is time I would definitely want my nails painted since prom is just a few days away <3

 Check out the the colours <3

Juice in a Jar!

Jar Culture came and sold their juices here. It was different la. Super unique. I suggest grabing their Pink Guava Lemonade to fight this ridiculously hot weather :D

 Keeping my Jar now at home. hehe

Sampat picture of me and my drink

All these picture were taken on their first day of the bazaar, Tuesday, which was also my first day of class! :D Even though I love my internship but I love being a student more. So glad to be back at uni <3 Below are some pictures of me and my classmates.

Nuraini and I

 Amelia, Nia and Agnes :D

More sampat pictures of me. hehe.
OOTD for the first day of class

So yeah. A bored and random post. Hope I didn't bore you :P


VU Philanthropy Bazaar
Date: 25-27th March 2014
Location: Sunway University Cafeteria

Today is the LAST day! Don't miss out on it :D 
Have a good day ahead!
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