Food: Tryst Cafe (SS15, Subang Jaya)

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It's a Monday night and here I am craving for some Vanilla Latte and hot pancakes. *drools* What do they call this? Midnight cravings? It's not mignight yet but I guess that term shall do. Gosh. Seriously hungry now. Got half my mind thinking to cook maggie or to run to TRYST! :D

I been there for 2 times already and I just wanna go back again!

Just look at that heavenly pancake <3

Why I wanna go back? 
Continue reading to find out why :)

Tryst just open a few months ago and gosh, every time I go there, it would be packed of people. Talk about knowing what their customers want. If I haven't been checking out some of my friend's check in on foursqure (I get their check ins on my notifications. I ain't a stalker ok ;) ), I think I would never have heard of Tryst. BTW I used my Samsung S3 to capture these pictures.

Tryst is located behind KFC and opposite of Hungry Hogs (kinda la).

The entrance of TRYST

The outdoor area
For smoking or Shisha-ing

I love how everything is so graphic on the wall and colourful on the furniture.
Whoever who decorated the place deserves a cookie. Seriously dig the place when I step in.
However, I wish their seats was more comfortable tho ):

The Menu

Amelia and I went here after dinner nearby in SS15.
So we just had dessert and coffee :)

Vanilla Latte || RM10
 This ought to be the cheapest Vanilla Latte I ever had and OMG, it is also one of the best I tasted. Love how the smell of vanilla is strong and the little crackers for me after sipping my coffee :)

Teman of the night
Not sure if she was posing or I took this my accident. haha.

They got free water here too!
FYI everything here is self service, even taking the sugar and water. It ain't on the table but at the corner of the counter. Didn't really like that in Tryst. I guess my lazy bum didn't like to move much but oh wells, good exercise. 

Banana Chocolate Pancake || RM7
Looks amazing eh? Taste amazing too! :D 
If you want whip cream you better ask for it or else you wont get it :)

Verdict: 8/10

EDITED (23/6/2014)
Hey all, I came back to Tryst a couple of other times and ordered other stuff from the menu. I thought of just sharing it with you all! :) The camera I used for the below pictures is Olympus EPL 5 and the first picture with Samsung S3 <3

Affogato || RM10

First taste of this was a shot of bitter wave, but once you stir it with the ice cream, it becomes a bittersweet delight. It wasn't strong at first but I realise that it kept me awake until 3.30am in the morning. haha. So make sure you drink this at the right time!

8PM Dinner Crowd

Iced Cappuccino || RM10

It doesn't look like a cappuccino right? Honestly, I don't like drinking my coffee cold. This sorta looks more like teh tarik. lol. My friend ordered this. He couldn't stand the bitterness of the drink and ended up overflowing the drink with sugar syrup (which you can get at the counter). It was find to me but I do need some sugar with this drink ;)

Caramel Machiato || RM11

MY NEW FAVOURITE DRINK! Move over vanilla latte. THIS completely stole my heart away. The sweetness accompanied with the coffee <3 I almost died out of happiness when I drank this and so did my friend. haha.

Bolognaise + Meatball Spaghetti || RM12

Somehow I always find Tryst Pasta a tad little in their portion but after today, it's safe to say that you will be full after having a plate of this baby. Well I was la. haha. 

So yeah, that was dinner <3

Honestly la, I love hanging out at Tryst often because of their long opening hours and good wifi. So if you ever see me there with my laptop, say hi la. haha. 

Tryst Cafe
74, Jalan SS15/4C,
Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya.

Monday, Wednesday-Thursday & Sunday 10am - 1am
Tuesday 6pm-1pm
Friday & Saturday 10am - 2am


I hope I made you hungry now because I am absolutely starving now. hmmm
I guess I should go to bed since I got a long day tomorrow ):

Night everyone.
Sleep Tight!
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