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Happy Friday everyone! :D I know that my blog been flooded with sponsored post recently and well I am really thankful for all of them la :) So this post ain't a sponsor post but something that got me excited! :D

I bet all of us know EBAY right? It's like the mother of all internet shopping. I been shopping on blogshops and new local online portals but never once bought anything from EBAY. And I thought why not give it a try lah? :D I know it's super random of me suddenly shopping with EBAY but actually I been wanting to buy a camera but shit my life la, it cost RM1,500 - RM2,000 ): 

Super expensive right? While researching for the best camera online. I suddenly suddenly stumble upon camera bags and then it lead me to ebay la. So I was looking through all of the bags and saw that eh, there were some that are pretty chic and stylist lo. It doesn't have to look like those reporters or photographers that carry.

There were actually MANY cute designs to choose from! <3

And yes this bag is actually big enough to store A CAMERA and PHONE!
CLICK continue reading for more details :)

So I spent some time researching on the camera bags in EBAY instead and found many bags priced from RM20 - RM150+++ including postage! :D

Scroll down la :P hehe.

So I bought this last month and after 3 weeks it arrived! <3 OH do know that you gotta wait for almost a month time if the shipping is free worldwide yeah. I bought my bag on EBAY.COM. So yeah. The seller is from China, so try and guess how much I bought the camera bag for? :P

With it's packaging

Double wrap up to ensure that the bag was not damage

I was honestly shock at how nice the quality was lo. OK la, I shall tell you the price now. 
It was only RM22 including POSTAGE!

Anyways I taken some pictures of the camera bag with Canon EOS 60D (50MM Lens)
It's my friend's camera la in case you are wondering :) 
If only it was mine. Still hunting down for the perfect camera <3



Inside (There is a zip inside)

Everything ( It comes with 2 straps )

Size Comparison

There was still a lot of PLACE!
So I think I can place my lipbalm, camera, phone and some cash? :)
Perfect bag for sightseeing or to a concert. hehe.

It's $ 6.27 USD = RM22

Didn't expect so much from their picture but now that I got it,
it is way better than what I imagine la <3
Sadly it can't fit a DSLR ):

FYI while looking back for the link of this bag, I stumble upon another wonderful bag.
THIS BAG CAN FIT A DSLR and it looks super CHIC :D

Anyways yeah.. Super random post about my camera bag.
Hopefully at my next post I can blog about my dream camera <3 Hehehe

Have a beautiful weekend ahead!
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