PLOG: 1 More Week Until Internship is Over

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Hey all! Wondering what is a PLOG? Well its just an update term la. Post + Log = PLOG lo. Hehe. Anyways I might be out for a while, maybe the entire weekend. Am currently sick and OMG, feel like my brains are about to pop out anytime soon. It hurts so much. But do continue to stay tune to the blog as a giveaway is coming up soon :) <3

This was yesterday at 7pm

Feel like the haze ain't gonna go away for any time soon.
Please drink a lot of water and stay healthy. 

Anyways, if you been following me on twitter and instagram, you would know that I did something to my hair this week :D Hehehe. Go follow me now if you haven't! :P Heh. Wanna see it?

Curious to see how is it like?
Continue Reading to find out! :D

Before I show you my hair, let me blah about my week la. Interestingly I just notice that I got one more week until internship is over :): Not sure to be happy or sad. But it's been a wonderful time so far working here and meeting all of the different people who came into the office :) I got a bunch of other pictures I have taken with those that got me OMG :D But I shall only post the most recent one okay? This is gonna be a super quick and short update :)

Here is a picture of Casey Anderson and I.
He is on National Geographic Wild. Go watch his shows! :)

Can you see what he is holding? Its a Skink!
Never heard of it before? It's pretty much A HUGE GIANT LIZARD ):
Here are pictures of how it looks like. I ain't gonna upload them here.

Oh yeah, I carried a snake too
They were like, try it! Carry it. Once I held it, I couldn't stop shaking! I could feel it's heart beat and feel it's head moving. ugh.. But good experience la.

They bought a big ass snake too!

IT was placed right behind me. I never knew snakes could be so smelly! It was as smelly as an elephant lo. The entire office stink because of it's presence. haha. 

Feel like I am about to K.O. as I write this. Will make it short and sweet.
So my hair. I will post a full detail post about dying your hair and what you should know la :)

Felt like a boss. hehe
Thank you to HairGroom USJ. If you haven't read my previous review of the place, click here :)

After seating for 3.5 Hours, here is the result! :D

Shall write longer in my other post. My head is killing me now.

Have a good weekend you all!
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