Sale: Charles & Keith | Pedro | Flow | Victoria Secret Warehouse Sale (SSTWO Mall, PJ)

NOT a sponsored post. I blog about this because I love shopping and I don't want you all to miss it lo <3

Girls, THIS IS THE SALE OF THE YEAR. You have no IDEA how long I been waiting for this sale! I been to their first Charles & Keith Warehouse sale 3 years ago when I was 19 at Sunway. Thank god this time they had their sale in an aircon location. You got no idea how torturing it was for their last sale. Anyways enough of reminiscing of the past. I bet you all are as excited as I am :D

I went for their sale yesterday and their parking was better than the last sale since this time they have it in a mall. I parked at level 1, so I was lucky and went straight to their sales outlet. I went around 4-5pm, and ohmygosh, there were so MANY PEOPLE THERE. Guys, Girls, Uncles, Aunties, Kids, basically everyone was there la. I even saw grandmas there. Honestly at the shoes area you gotta push your way to walk around, so I suggest and hope that those with kids won't bring them there. It ain't safe for them and it's just gonna give you more work to watch them while hunting for your perfect shoes <3

Sale of the Year

I manage to bought a pair of heels (RM69) and a cutch / small bag (RM59) from them. Told myself not to buy anything anymore but gosh it was soooo worth it! I see some people going for rounds after their purchase with 5 bags in their hands yesterday. So make sure you visit them ASAP to avoid disappointment la.

Love Charles & Keith or Victoria Secret product?
Always wanted to get them but they are always over your budget?
FRET NOT. Stuff here are all from RM25-RM129.
Continue Reading to find out what they have in store for you <3

 Like I said above, I came to the place from 4pm-5pm and there was A LONG LONG LINE. I think I wait from 15-20 minutes. Considered good compare to their last sale where I had to wait for 35-40minutes.

Where I first was

After 10 minutes, where I am.

When you enter, they will WRAP your handbag/bag that you bring in. So make sure you don't bring a huge bag la or else very ma fan. They will give you a shopping/recycle bag for you to carry the stuff you want. Super efficient work lo. This ought to be the BEST service I gotten from any warehouse sale as they will have people around to assist you or give you more shopping bags if they notice your initial one is full.

Note: You CAN'T take pictures there. I receive permission I could, hence this post :) 

 This is the first thing you will encounter! Talk about heaven right? Well I didn't really like the designs to the purses but the PEDRO BAGS were gorgeous! However they were all from RM99 - RM129 ): Below are some of the pictures from the sale.

The bags here are the ones that is for you to take and there isn't any new ones that you can ask for la
Continue reading to understand why I say this because the other products, you can ASK FOR NEW ONES.

There were a lot of GUYS SHOES YEAH. Super nice and hispter looking. I forgotten to take pictures of them because I was hunting for my shoes. hehe.

You gotta try your best to try the shoes while making sure you don't get knock over by the other people
Lol talk about multitasking ;)

I love how they are always so organised

I straight away went to size 40 and found a few people around my area compare to the other sizes. I guess being a bigger size for shoes has an advantage in sales. hehe. But of course the smaller sizes had more CHOICES la ): Do ask for the shoes you want and they will give you the NEW STOCK of the shoes you want. 

The SHOE Sizes ranged from 34 - 41
 Below are some of the pictures. Spot your favourite shoe!

The shoe I bought isn't in the picture. I guess I save the best for myself la. hehe. But do know it is super pretty la :D

 They got clothing too and they divided it according to the sizes which I think it's super helpful. They even got a dressing room but honestly, I didn't really like the choices of clothes that was there. A little out of style already. LOL.
So yeah. What you see at the clothes is what you get. No new stock.

 Just like the shoes, you can ask for a NEW BAG. Make sure you do it yeah. Seriously loving my new bag. When I got it from the sales girl, the bag was wrapped twice to ensure that it is new and well kept <3 Below are the pictures. See anything you LOVE? Oh yeah, the bags are placed at a different side, away from the shoes and the crazy crowd. lol

Bags are from RM29-RM129

The crowd surrounding the bags

After the bags, there is the Cashier. They accept credit/debit card too. So don't worry if you didn't bring enough cash ;)

THE stuff here are so cheap la. Creams are at RM25 ONLY. I really wanted to buy some of their travel kit but it was at my limit of spending already ): So anyone wanna buy it for me? :P I am not sure if there are still stock la but try your best? :D


PERFUME | RM81 | RM129

Make Up Palette | RM42




More Cream / Perfume
They smell like candy <3

The travel kit that I wanted | RM41

I hope there are still some left as when I was there, they only had 10 left!


Charles & Keith | Pedro | Flow | Victoria Secret Warehouse Sale 

Location: SSTWO MALL Level 1, Jalan 19/16, Seksyen 19, 
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Mall Tel: 03-7930 8209

Sale Duration: 27th March - 30th March | 10am - 7pm

Anyways all the best in hunting for your favourite buys, 
I hope you all would share this with your friends and fellow shopaholic friends!

Happy Shopping!
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  1. that travel kit look so nice ah! I love charles and keith! Most of my shoes are from them and zara hehe. x0~ www.tauyanm.com

  2. omg i was dying receiving the text bout this sale BUT SADLY I NEED to save for my next travel lol...arghhhhhhhhhhhhh so sad coz i was also waiting for this. but anyhow, thnx a lot for d review as d shoes bags are all VERY VERY NICE...i tot warehouse sale gonna only giving out ugly n old items LOL ..so will aim for the next year one! huhu

  3. Macam so scary the load of bags and shoes and the crowd

  4. Macam yes leh but d crowd looks very turn off lor :(

  5. wow wow wow! I wanna go!!!!!!! But I'm stuck at home studying for my finals T.T

  6. I actually visited the sale 2 days in a row! The first day was a pirioty to enter on the preview day as my friend is a staff inside. It was indeed less messy and crowd as i was inform. But i still race myself there again the next day… coz i was dying to buy more! Having a shoe size of 39… ending up with 11 pairs from charles n keith only ranging fron rm29 to 49! Of coz Victoria secret was so damn cheap! I couldnt left them out oso. Wasnt so into bags… so i din got any. But this sale is real awesome! I havent visited a warehouse sale so crazy as this one! 2 thumbs up!

    1. OMG. Hardcore wei! :D Hahaa. I wish I got a friend as a warehouse sale staff. Would love to check out the stuff before the crowd comes. LOL. But gosh. Yayers to you! I heard today the choices had ran out for some sizes. But gosh. Seriously i clap for you, 11 pairs of heels! Can't imagine how you walk out of the sales with all of those stuff :D

  7. Very Classy and elegant Charles and Keith Bags indeed ...sometimes less is more and in this collection everything’s restrained, relaxed and – even better – comfortable, with a pulled-together elegance !!

  8. Do not choose sister brand Pedro. Their shoes are absolutely horrible. Here's why:

    I bought a pair of shoes from Pedro. The leather is very very hard and of very bad quality. I contacted customer care and asked them to fix this issue. They asked me to visit the store and get the shoe expanded. Nothing worked, and I threw the shoes away. I went back a second time to the store and bought a shoe. There was a problem again. After a few walks, the leather feels very hard and your feet are full of blisters. Unresponsive customer care team who are not willing to accept anything.

    The recommended 'value added service' and their reply was 'however, you may be pleased to know that our boutiques offers expansion and waxing services which will give the shoe a better fitting, hence do visit any of our boutiques with the pair of shoes and allow our colleagues to assist you with the value added services.


    Please refrain from buying Pedro Shoes. They are terrible! Go for Geox, Hush Puppies, or any other brand, but not Pedro.

  9. Hey Jesse, I am Tammi. I wanna ask if there is no sale period like you said, can I still buy CnK products there? And does it also cheaper compare to the store,??

  10. Hey Jesse, I am Tammi. I wanna ask if there is no sale period like you said, can I still buy CnK products there? And does it also cheaper compare to the store,??


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