Sale: RSH Sports Warehouse Sale 2014 Review

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So yesterday I was a really really CRAZY event day. I went to Freshel's Private blogger event, RSH warehouse sale and Furla's official launch event. I will blog about the other events soon! So stay tune kay! :D

This is like the 2nd sports warehouse sale I am blogging about this year. I guess there is just so many cheap shoes around. Hehe. I am a HUGE fan of RSH Warehouse sale and I have to say, that this year I am impressed with the shoes and sports equipment! <3 As always this sale carries all of the famous sport's brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and etc :) 

Love love love the high top shoes!

Need some sports stuff? 
Continue Reading to check out the stuff they have at the SALE! :)

This time I am just gonna let the pictures and the caption do the talking alright :)

The first sign that greeted me at the sale

They will just wrap your handbag in a plastic bag la. So don't worry :)

Sport's Polaroid Sunglasses || RM 35.60

TYR Kids Goggles || RM15

TYR Adults Goggles || RM23.45

Puma Shoes

Tennis Rackets

Kids Reebok's Socks || RM5

Kid's Sports Shoe || From 39.90

Nike Shoes

Sandals || RM12

The Crowd at 5.30pm

Surf Shorts

Swim Wear
This year the collection wasn't pretty la.

Sport's Tee || From RM25

Sperry Shoes || From RM74.70

Cat Shoes || From RM167.58

More shoes || I love the designs they got lo this year :)

Do know that it's hot here. So wear comfortable clothes! :D

Jackets || Track Bottoms

They got signs on the different sections of the warehouse.


Bags / Bagpacks
 Haven't heard of the brand before actually. hahaa.

Pink Shoes || RM149
Love this section because it's cheaper than the other shoes.
Smart tactic ;)

Adidas Bag || RM105

Reeboks Shoes || From 89.90

High Top Shoes || From RM119

All them colourful shoes! :D
Perfect for marathons / gym time!

Gym Balls

Slim Thigh Toner || RM14.35

There are 3 sizes to choose from! :D

Cutest Dumbbells ever! 
A pair of dumbbells || RM14.95

Heaven to those who wanna build those muscles! :D

Badminton Racket || RM11

Shoes || From RM135


Date: 5th March - 9th March 2014
Time: 10am-7pm
Location: RSH Building, Lot 601, Kompleks Hamodal 5, Off Lagoon Selatan, 
Off Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya, Selangor

If you don't believe me, Call their hotline : 03-5123 2668


So yeah. Hope this helped you :)
Have a wonderful weekend and let me know what you bought!
I just might go back for some badminton rackets :D Hehe.
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