Sale: Tanks for 5 x Peep Clearance Sale (Empire Soho, Subang Jaya)

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A little update before I start with this post
Hey All! :D I just want to say THANK YOU for all those who join my giveaways on my blog and on my facebook page <3 Just wanna say that the previous post got too many people joining and I wish I could give you all something! But don't worry I got another giveaway coming up soon on my blog! :D And yes I just created my facebook page today at 12pm! :D hehe. Hope that you all can help support and like my page :D

Anyways this sale review is NOT sponsored kay. Both Tanks for 5 & Peep are two of my favourite online blogshops. I still remember when they first started and I was instantly one of their loyal shopper. I would always click on their page at least every week once. hehehe.

Both Tanks for 5 & Peep collaborated together to have a sale at one spot for all of us! :D They got 2 prices for their items which are RM5 & RM10! Crazy cheap right? When I was there, I spotted a few of my favourite things and compile it all for you all to see <3

Here are my ultimate favourites from the bunch :)

So do continue reading to find out all of the awesome stuff you can find there!
Only RM5 & RM10 for each item!

The sale is located at Tanks for 5 Headquaters (Empire SohoB10-09

Here is a guide to how to get to their office :)
1. Go to UG Floor in Empire mall
2. Find Madam Kwan
3. Go in between of Madam Kwan and Murad.
4. Follow the Fitness First sign board
5. Register yourself at the counter 
Just say B10-09 and pass them an identification card. I gave them my university card.
6. Get your visitor pass and go to the lift 
The guard will press the floor for you as they have a special card to activate the lift
7. From the lift, turn left and find B10-09

Ta-dah! You have reach your destination :D
Hehe. Sound so WAZE. 
But yeah. If you manage to get lost from this direction, then I got no comment wei :)


Lets start with the stuff from Peep!

Peep got two racks to choose from

Here are some of the stuff that were my favourite :)

I love the pink top lo. Kinda regretted not buying. 
Oh wells, I guess I can always go back for it right? :P

The dresses at peep are not bad. Perfect for work or presentations :)
Very chic professional :D


For Tanks for 5, they got about 4-5 racks? Way more la. 
So obviously I had more favourites from them since they got more stuff :D

This rack was solely Tank Tops!
Can you believe that they are selling 2 tank tops for RM5?!
I bet all tank top lovers would just die out of happiness when seeing this. HAHA.

All of Tanks for 5 stuff. A lot right?

Well I compiled you some of my favorites from them :)



I would have to say I love some of the prints from the tops and 
can't believe that they are selling a cheong sam for RM10! :O

Crazy cheap right?!
In the end I only bought one top from the entire sale. Just like Marry Merry Sale, they got more XS-M stuff here. So if you are a L, finding something that can fit you is like finding a diamond ring on the ground. Oh wells, at least I got one top from the sale <3 hehe. 

Verdict: 8/10
But honestly la, this ought to be one of the best sale I see with beautiful stuff lo :) Lots of stuff here are actually my style and I would totally buy it in a flash if only it was my size ):

They got My Lip Stuff too!
Do check out all of the awesome wacky favours :D
Butt Naked, Candy Cane, Cat Pee, Chocolate Mints, Coconut Cream Pie, Cookies and Cream & etc
I am not talking nonsense ok! :P 

So yeah go check out the place and 
do comment on what you love from this post or anything you wanna just say.
I would love to hear from you all :)

Note: You can't try the clothes there.
I went on a weekday during lunch time and there were 3 people
It's a little cramp up in the store. Try to go on a weekday afternoon :)

DO HASHTAG #TF5PEEPSALE if you do post your purchase picture on FB or Instagram
Who knows, the owners of the store might just reward you or highlight your picture on their FB Page :)

Location: B10-09, Empire Soho, Empire Shopping Gallery
Operating Hours: Monday - Satuday || 12pm-7pm
Sale Period: 12th -26th March 2014

Happy Shopping!
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