Taiwan Food Store (Section 14, PJ)

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It's been a while since I did a food post. So here it is! I actually got a LOT of food post for you all but they are all on draft state now. hahaa. Been really busy with the start of class and events. So yeah. This post is super random la.

My dad, sis and I were around Section 14 (Near Digital Mall) yesterday for a seminar. Really good seminar that teaches how to reach your full potential if you...... (Go see my twitter for the answer. heh) and other stuff. Anyways, so before the seminar, we were busy looking for food and well we got lazy and just decided to go for the 'medan selera' (Food Court) that was next to Digital Mall.

Cute right the cow cartoon?

Saw this cute store at the middle of the food court and decided to check it out. Saw that Star Newspaper actually reviewed them and thought okay la should try this store since STAR also got review them :D

Curious to find out what food they serve?
Continue Reading to find out more :D
This store is a Taiwan store that is famous for their Beef Noodles, Chicken Chop and CHEESE DUMPLINGS! It was my first time hearing dumpling with cheese, so I thought why not? We should try this! :D I end up ordering Chicken Chop Noodle and Cheese Dumplings. Later I forced my dad to order the Beef noodle so I could try it :D

Their Menu

DAMN affordable right?! Honestly I am craving for their HOMEMADE noodles now.

The cheese dumplings came first. 
All of us share and there weren't any leftovers.

 You can either ask for STEAM or FRIED Dumplings!

The cheese is in the middle of the stuffing
There was really little cheese but definitely an unique dish <3

My sis loved it so much she ate more than she should. haha.

Next up was daddy's beef noodles!
Beef Noodles || RM7

Check out that homemade noodles!

It was damn amazing lo. I can't believe that I am saying this but love the noodles more than the ones my aunty makes. It was just chewy and fresh. Can't describe more to you just how awesome it is. The soup was INCREDIBLE. It wasn't too salty or thick. Just perfect <3

Honestly la I don't understand why they don't just open their own store.
I would definitely be their number 1 customer if it was near subang lo. haha

And finally my dish came!
Chicken Chop Noodle || RM6
My sauce was Thai Chili. They also got Black Peeper sauce.

Loved everything about the dish but found it weird that they place chili on the noodles too. Oh wells. Taste great anyways. hehe. Kinda regret having that because my throat got worse now. Oh I am sick btw, hence the slow update on the blog too.

So here is how the food court looks like la :)

Daddy enjoying his dish! :D

Here is sis' chicken wan tan mee :)
Also found at the food court for RM5 i think.

Taiwan Food Store
Jalan Section 14/20
Next to Digital Mall

GPS: N 03 06.554, E 101 38.163

Operating Hours: Monday-Fridays

All the best finding parking there!
Hope this helps all those beef noodle lovers or cheese lovers! :P
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