Event: 360 Kuala Lumpur ( KL Biggest Bazaar!) Review

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Hey all! So how was your weekend? Did you manage to go to one of the biggest bazaar of all time?! :D Here are some of the pictures I took at the bazaar. Overall, it wasn't what I expected, I guess this is my first time seeing so many vintage and hispter stores unite in a place. 

And gosh! YOU should have seen the people that turn out for the bazaar! They were all so hispter looking. Could notice the shoes that are trending at the bazaar were Dr Martens shoes. If only I was richer la then I would have got myself a pair of them. Oh wells, it's expensive to be hipster la. I wonder how they afford it. haha.

So do click continue reading to see the what the bazaar had :)
There would be more pictures than words. 

Wish I could be detail in which store was which, but there were just too many to note all of their names down ): I can remember the stores I purchase my stuff from. So if you notice me talking about a store more the the rest, it's because I bought my stuff from them :D

Oh check out my haul from the bazaar! <3

The bazaar!
It was raining when I was driving there but thank goodness it stopped when we arrived <3

Sampat me posing there. hehe

Teman of the day <3

Check out these stuff wei. So Medieval :O

See la all of the Dr Martens Shoes. This is only from one store. 
There would be more as you scroll down

There were a LOT of guy shoes there. If they only had more female shoes ):


My first purchase was from US FAMINNILE

Loved this store.
Got my blazer HERE <3

They also got scarfs @ RM2! I bought 2. hehe.


Remember the free tote bag I mention you can get? Well Ely and I got mine :D hehe

Look at her. So cute. Haha

Check out our tote bags :P

Check out these unicorn shoes! :D It looks so comfortable lo :D


Got a skirt from here. Super pretty long mesh skirt. Shall upload an OOTD of it when I wear it.
Got it for RM50 ONLY! Original price was RM109 wei :D

They do custom made shizz too. 
So fear not for those who always got a hard time finding their sizes <3


Check out the size of this skirt!
SO small :D hehe.

Temporary tattoo! 

I didn't do it. Wanted too but didn't bring enough money

Everyone was crowding the food area

Especially for the meatballs! <3

Us while waiting for our food

Meatballs | RM 9

Before we eat, let's take a selfie. hahaha.

Cool hor? Love the colours.

If only they did custom stuff

Vroom Vroom Vroom! The big boys have arrive! :O

Check out this deco item, too bad it wasn't for sale.
Would have been a damn cool thing to have in my room. haha.

And I finally got to meet Suzai again <3
So yeah, that was the entire bazaar. Had to park at a hotel because there wasn't anymore parking left when we reach. Guess how much we paid?! RM10 ): Haihs. Only in KL.

Do stay tune on my blog for other sales and bazaars.
There is a rather interesting event happening soon. Have any of you heard of clothes buffet?
No? Stay tune then. hehe.

Have a good week ahead! <3
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