Food: Cafe Madeleine (Sunway University)

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Hey all! Just want to say thank you for all those who have been calling and texting me <3 I really appreciate all of the stuff you all said to me <3 And I ain't gonna be gloomy anymore. Been feeling better since then and have been thinking of looking at my hospital stuff positively.

Anyways it's been raining a LOT recently! Yesterday was the worse lo. It rained so heavily until I didn't dare to walk to my car after uni. It was scary! I had to wait for an hour for the rain to stop. haha. FYI if you are studying in Sunway, you will know that it's a miracle to get a good parking. So I always park pretty far.

Instead of walking in the heavy rain, 
I decided to just wait it out while enjoying a good hot caramel latte :)

Mmmmmhmmmm <3

Btw all picture below are taken with my Olympus E-PL5 :) The picture above was from my S3 :)

Stuck in Sunway University and just wanna go somewhere for an incredible hot drink?
Continue reading for more info! :)

This cafe is self service, so do make sure that you order your food at the counter before seating down :)
My old school order number :)

The cafe is located opposite the psychology department and it's like a minute walk away from the side gate :)

The interior
It's an open cafe concept, so don't expect any aircon but the natural air con. Get it? hehe.
I know it's lame. hehe. But oh wells, we are our best friends right? hehe. 

Anywaysssss, sad to say but it took them quite awhile for my coffee to arrive. Kish and I were actually waiting for her bro to pick us up because of the crazy rain but even her brother came before my latte ):

So while waiting we took some random picture :)

Might be wearing contacts more often now :) hehe.
It was always a pain to put them on and off but recently, it's been rather easy and quick :D

Finally when my coffee came, I couldn't resist to take some pictures of it because it's been a while since I saw a flower on my latte. Usually it's always the same leaf shizz. haha.

Caramel Latte || RM 9

It was surprisingly good la :) Go try it and tell me what you think about it. I wish I could tell you how the drink tasted but I drank it all in a gulp. I was a little hungry and cold. So the drink was like heaven for me <3 hehe. This cafe don't have a facebook page or a telephone number. They got amazing pasta and pastries

I think they open at 8am and close at 6pm :)


Cafe Madeleine
No 2, Gate 2, Jalan University, Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Subang Jaya, Selangor

FYI, I joined a DIGI Contest recently and 
it would mean the world to me if you could VOTE for me <3

Hope that you all have an awesome day ahead!
Remember to bring your umbrella out! :)
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