Food: Chuup (Damansara Jaya)

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Hey Yo! You know out of all of the stuff I post on my blog, food is my ultimate favourite one to write about. Hehe. No matter what kind of food I take, be it western, korean, japanese or even italian, there is always a special spot for Malaysian food. Especially NASI LEMAK <3 Hehe. Direct translation of that if you dont know, is FAT RICE. HAHA

Pronounce as 'ch-oop', like chuup coka-cola
Ever play that game before? :P hehe.

There is a rather new restaurant in Damansara Jaya. Been a while since a new cafe open there. After the nuffnang x herbal essences party on Sunday (before my second scope), Amelia and I went around PJ food hunting. Guess we got a little bored of Subang's food. hehe. Since this was nearby and I saw pictures of their restaurant on FB before, I thought, why not la? Plus I was craving for nasi lemak and I remember people raving about it on their instagram and status.


Curious to find out if they serve the best nasi lemak?
Continue reading to find out! <3

They got pork chop serve here <3

Loving the Broadway signboard

It's a corner store, same stretch as Cinta Ria & Thai restaurant that I forgotten the name. heh. Hope you can find it. If not WAZE it! :D Fun Fact about Chuup: Reason why it's name Chuup is because the owner's grandma always call pork chop as pork chuup. Hence the name Chuup. hehe. Cute right?

They got both indoor (right) and outdoor (left) sitting
Perfect for those who wants the cool breezey air or chilling with their friends while having a smoke.

Loving the interior design
It's very vintage hipster kopitiam style, don't you think so? :P

There was a LOT OF BABIES in the restaurant. About 3? All of them were super cute. They got baby chair too. So don't worry papas and mamas out there, you can eat with ease :P Majority of the people there were families coming to have their dinner. It's nice to see a mix group in a restaurant for once. :)

Love how they used the 'indian pastry thingy' as the table number. Cute right? And if you know the name of that thingy, do let me know. haha. I suddenly forgotten the name of it. Anyways do know that water is free! :D Even with water rationing, thank goodness they are providing it for free <3

Both of us waiting for our food, but first let us take a selfie. hehe.

My nails from the nuffnang party. Yay to free manicure! <3
FYI the ring was suppose to go on my middle finger but my finger got too late. lol.

Amelia's Dish!
Gulai Chicken Rice | RM 13.90

Seriously LOVEEE THIS DISH. haha. I know it's amelia's dish but gosh. The sauce (gulai) for the chicken was absolutely amazing! I ended up finishing all of her gulai sauce, which they provide (forgotten to take a picture of it) haha..

Chuup Nasi Lemak Fried Rice | RM15.90

Nasi Lemak, oh the best malaysian dish ever! Honestly, it was alright la. the chicken was a little dry for me. Would definitely come back for the gulai chicken instead. Maybe it's just me but fried chicken might not be my thing anymore. haha. The portion was good tho! I forgotten if I finish it or not but I remember I felt the restaurant as full as a bucket :D

Our fooooood!

Amelia concentrating with her new camera too. haha :D
Asians at work.

OH FYI I AM USING MY NEW CAMERA HERE.  All of the pictures you see are from it :) Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3, I think. haha.

Food always makes me happy.
Not sure if it's a good thing or not. haha! ;)

Their Menu

Must try their pork chop the next time! I saw a few people ordering it and I drooled as the their dishes passed me by. haha. Oh they got DURIAN COFFEE too. Been a while since I had one <3

No service charge or government tax!
 Somehow I love this picture the most from all of the picture I took at the restaurant. haha.
I got skills yo. heh

Btw check out the moon I took on Sunday! :D


40, SS22/25, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-7733 6673
Operating hours: Daily, 11.30am - 10pm


FYI, Don't forget to VOTE for me at the DIGI competition I join.

 Happy Food Hunting!
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