Food: Meteora Cafe (USJ 9)

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Feeling hungry at this hour? Been getting a little sien to drive all the way to SS15 now just to get some coffee or just to chill with my friends. The hassle of driving all the way there, getting stuck in the usual night jam and finding parking...UGH. So kinda glad that there is a NEW COFFEE PLACE AT USJ 9 :D Hehe.

Know where is Murni USJ 9 Discovery? :)
It's right opposite it!

It's actually one of the biggest cafe I been too so far. It's about two shop-lots long? Super spacious and I could actually imagine families coming here to just chill for dinner or some supper :)

They even got a baby chair! So babies can come here too :D

They got coffee shizz, pasta, BURGERS & Churros!

Continue reading to find out more about this place <3

Love their art work on the walls
Cute right?

Their coffee bar

Seriously loving their interior designs. So artsy right? <3

Teman of the night, Amelia <3

Their Menu

Must try their breakfast set one day! <3
FYI the waiters would take your orders at your seats. It isn't self service :) We didn't know, we literally went all the way to the counter and they were so cute to tell us they will come to us :) Btw they got cute waiters here too ;) hehe.

Our order number

Our lattes

French Vanilla Latte || RM9.50

This is one of the cheapest vanilla latte ever and it's the bomb. They even comes with cookies <3

Latte || RM8.50

 Amelia had this! It's a little too bitter for me. I love my vanilla shots. hehe.

Bolognese Manzo || RM12.50

Amelia had this. It was a little too salty for us both ):


Churros (3 Sticks) || RM4.50
I had the chocolate sauce one. It was so good that we ordered more! haha *fasts*

The Churros tasted like goreng banana. haha sounds weird eh? BUT IT'S DAMN GOOD WEI.
Go try now!

They got free water too! Have to ask though :)

Our meal of the night <3

Our other Churros! We got asked for both of their sauces this time. 
Chocolate & Salted Caramel <3 
Churros (7 Sticks) || RM9

It was so worth it lo :D

They even got board games here too... Here is one of them :)

They got a place of us to do our assignments and shizz

This is gonna be our new hangout spot la. 
Good MUSIC, Food & Coffee <3


Meteora Cafe
54, Jalan USJ 9/5P, 47620 Subang Jaya.

Opening Hours: Weekdays12pm-10pm || Weekends 11am-1am

Tel: 012-940 2001


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Happy food hunting all <3
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