OOTD: The Blues

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It's been raining a LOT recently and it's sorta difficult to choose what outfit to withstand the rain. This outfit may not be practical to some people that are always going out and about but it was perfection for me. I wore this blue outfit to a restaurant launch and even braised through some rain.

I don't know about y'all but I hate getting puddle splash on my feet and legs. Hence I got the long skirt to protect my legs and the shoes to protect my feet.

Plus the jacket keeps me warm on a chilly day.

Just another OOTD post. 
Continue Reading if you are thinking of looking chic yet protected from the rain :)

It's hard to wear shorts on a rainy day. I hate it whenever I run for my life under the rain, I would get splashes of puddles all around my legs. I would rather my clothes protect me than to get direct contact on my skin with the dirty water. hahaa. I sound like such a princess right?

Been trying out the whole street style with matching my outfit with my various shoes. Not sure if the girl next door shoe look was pull-able but oh wells, at least I tried! :D I can't leave my house without my trustie denim Jacket. Honestly all this time I wonder, how did I manage to leave without it? It somehow matches anything I wear and it is so comfy lo. I wonder, would a biker jacket do the same? :P

Another thing that I love about my outfit was that it was wearable for outings, dates or even smart casual events. I love how there was another layer of mesh on my skirt. Kinda made it a little girly and elegant. Been meaning to find this skirt since it was trending but alas, it was hard to find a skirt that fit me. Ironically I found the beautiful skirt at the bazaar I recently went too :D Was so happy that they got my size and I even got to bargain for it! :D

That's about it, it's even raining now while I am typing this.
Hopefully the rain will stop before rush hour <3

Pictures taken by Carmen <3

Jacket: Kitschen || RM 79.90
Top: Cotton On || RM 15
Skirt: Eighty One Closet || RM 50
Shoes: Giant || RM 29.90
Bag: Kenanga || RM 40

Oh don't forget to VOTE for me at the DIGI Contest I recently joined.

Have a good day ahead and 
be safe during these stormy days <3
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