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Finding clothes online can sometimes be difficult especially when you are of a certain size category. Honestly, since I was in high school, it has always been difficult for me to find clothes that fit me and actually look nice. Since I was kinda overweight and I think I kinda still am. lol.

I stumble upon Jessabella's online blogstore when I was about 16 or was it 17? Anyways it was heaven for me because for the first time I actually had a chance to fit into the clothes I see and like from the website. Ever since then, I been a loyal customer and some my clothes comes from them. So imagine my happiness when I discover last month that they finally have their own store! I was like a kid that found candyland. hehe.

Jessabella clothes ranges from L-XXXXXXXL
Yes you saw correctly! They even got clothes until 7XL.

They still run their online blogshop actively and they do have many stuff available, both online and at their store. It's my far my favourite affordable Malaysian plus size shop :) Took my cousin to visit the store last month because she needed some new pants for university. And gosh, the journey was FAR but worth it. Seeing all of the clothes and their size label made me feel like I belong and didn't had to be worry about not finding my size. From blouses to maxi dresses and even blazers! They have it all!

Do bring enough amount of cash! CASH ONLY :)

Sneak preview of the store

Find it difficult to find clothes that are pretty and fit you? 
I got the same problem too until I found this store <3
Continue reading to see some of the store's item!

It took me about 40 minutes drive from Damansara to their store which is located at Setia Alam. It's the shop lots facing the houses. OH! Do make sure to buy parking coupon at the Farmasi near the boutique or else, you might just get an awkward moment with the police man. Shivers. FYI I used Waze to guide me there and it was just perfect directing, so don't worry about getting lost :)

Jessabella is above a mamak store

There is lots of parking lots around. So don't worry about finding a parking. Just remember to get the parking coupon :D

Entrance filled with flowers from their new opening

FYI this is not a sponsor post, just wanted to share what an amazing place this is to find nice and fashionable plus size clothes :)

Love how they organised the store
Dresses at the corner, skirts at the middle and maxi dresses at the end :)

Here are some of their dresses
They got both casual and formal dresses ready for either a date or a work/college presentation outfit

Their rack of various type of mini skirts and shorts.

More blouses and jackets
I especially love the military jacket! <3

Maxi dresses!
They got the ones with pears at the collar. Very classy if you ask me. If I wasn't mistake the price wasn't that expensive too. Do check out their online store for more info. Links would be at the bottom of this post :)

More chiffon and printed tops

Affordable blouses and blazers

Mix of casual and formal dresses

They even got clutches, belts and flats :) 

They also got jeggings and leggings, all of good quality
I know because I bought one of them a while back. haha :)

Since my cousin was busy trying on her clothes, I took the opportunity to try on some of the clothes that I loved from the shop. Kinda regretted not getting them, I only had enough for the '22' dress. haha. Oh wells. There is always a next time! :D

Something about the military jacket just scream street fashion
Felt like I can't pull off the look. lol.

I love this crop cotton blazer too <3
Shall return again for this!

So hope that this would help those that are always having trouble of finding their clothes. FYI they also got Muslimah wear! :)

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No 4-1, Jalan Setia Indah Y, Sekyen U13/Y, Bandar Setia Alam, 40170, Shah Alam, Selangor

Monday - Saturday | 10am - 8pm

Tel: 012 945 1088


Happy Shopping!
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