PLOG: Are we really free?

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This is gonna be a rant post.

Up to you if you want to read it but if you are a purist, stay away.

I believe that all of us are unique individuals who deserve a chance to make choices in life. Not just the things we do or are about to do in the future but also our thoughts, values and believe. Ever feel like some things you don't agree with in life but others insist that it is right and they won't stop shoving what they believe it down your throat until you agree with them?

They are honestly the worst people you can ever encounter. PURIST. I just learned that word a couple of minutes ago. What is a PURIST? 

Purist - a person who has very strong ideas about what is correct or acceptable and who usually opposes changes to traditional methods and practices.

Hey! Don't get me wrong, there is no problem being passionate about the things you love and believe it. But is it necessary to make others believe the same way as you? Sure you can tell them once or twice about how much you love it. But to judge others when they clearly do not agree with you or even told you to stop, is a whole different story.  What gives one the right to judge what others believe in or choose to value? Choices should be made free. Everyone should be able to make that choice.

I respect that you have a certain thought and importance to something, I don't parade telling you how wrong you are or how you should follow my way.

It's suffocating to live this way. Constantly being reminded of what I value or choose to believe in is wrong. Honestly if you don't listen to my plea of asking you to stop, why should I listen anymore that you have to say?

Respect to just leave me alone to my decision is all I am asking.
We have all kinds of wars in the past just to get freedom and stop being oppressed from someone that we don't agree with. What difference does it make if in the end of the day, if we are just to be robots who think the same as what has been enforce to us? What's the point of calling ourselves "free" when we actually aren't?


"I guess as we get older, it seems that we learn to decide and choose who and what we want to value more or less."

All I am asking is the freedom to do so. It's sad that even what I want to believe in, is being controlled by some other people. I guess in the end, we are no different than living in a communist country. Everything has its rules and no one can think otherwise ):

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