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Can't believe that it's Thursday already! Oh how time flies :) You know sometimes being a girl can be difficult. I ain't taking about the monthly girly things that we have to go through or the boy troubles we normally face. haha. But more like keeping the right image? Not sure if you all ever feel pressure about looking our best whenever we go out, but I do la.

If you ask my hairstylist, 
he will say that my hair is one of the hardest hair he ever had to deal with. LOL

Especially for important events, like a date? Prom? Events? Weddings? Bet you all are like yeah. Finding the dress was hard enough but what about making sure that our make up looks alright or how we should do our hair. Small stuff like that always make a difference la.

Sometimes choosing the right shade or thinking of what to apply can give us a headache
If only we were all Michelle Phan. haha

Sounds like I am gonna start writing a personal story now right? Well, I just want to share with all of your my "hack" in perfecting our daily look la. Not to say that I am perfect now but without Supermodel's Secret, I don't know how I would have survive. They are a online business that carries a variety of stuff from stick on bras to flavorful lipbalms ;) Supermodel Secret was actually there for my high school prom and my recent university prom <3 How? Continue reading to know lo :)

This aint't a sponsored post
Just had VERY good encounters with them and 
their products were my life saver :)

Actually in this post I am just showing you all how their outlet looks like! Besides being an online business, they finally got their store! It's been available for months now la :D heehe.
Continue reading to know more

So like I said earlier, they got their own store! And guess what? It's at SS15! Same row as Cowboy Burger! :) Near Grafa! You can't miss the shop, it has a pink door! :) I went there a couple of months ago to get some stuff to perfect my prom dress :D Shall just give you all a tour of their place!

Talk about fabulous pink right? :)
It's a floor up!

The entrance of the shop
Don't you just feel important looking at it? haha

They been featured on many magazines and newspaper nationwide!
Honestly they are one of the first blogshops that I know is still around.
And I am glad la, so I can always get my daily fix ;)

I love their hair styling products!

They are famous for carrying various of hair-curlers and hairdyers!

Photo Credits: Supermodel Secrets Facebook Page
I am actually tempted to get one of their curlers. Especially the magic curler
It automatically curls your hair, click here to see how it works! :)

Photo Credits: Supermodel Secrets Facebook Page
Here is their full collection of all of the Hair Styling Products that they have.
See anything you like?

They also got other hair products

Some other unique products that you will hardly find in any other beauty stores

This is my favourite out of the whole collection.
You can literally taste it!

Every girl should at least own one of these strapless bra for our difficult dresses. haha

So remember earlier how I said Supermodel Secrets have been helping me?
I guess this place is the only place I would trust in buying a sticky bra for those difficult dresses :)

Collection of my prom moments
Actually I been for 5 proms already. haha. Crazy right? :P
Here is all the times I used their sticky bras. haha. It helped la. To girls out there looking for them, I guarantee it will work! :)

Photo Credits: Supermodel Secrets Facebook Page
Here is their collection of bras that they have.
I got their seamless Vbra. They got a variety of sizes, so don't worry :)

Photo Credits: Supermodel Secrets Facebook Page
To those crazy fifa fans, they also got face tattoo. 
Might get it for one of the matchs. hehe.
Go Spain! <3

They usually got SALES. So do check out their sales corner HERE. I shall get my curler soon after I save up enough money. haha. 

FYI: Take a photo using any of their products and Tag @Supermodels_secrets and Hashtag #SupermoddelsSecrets #Supermodel2u to get a FREE beauty Gift or RM 10 Voucher delivered at your doorstep!

Hope this help you all find the things you need for your daily hacks :)

Supermodel Secrets
First floor, 41A, Jalan SS15/4B, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Do make appointments ( +6 016 2801990) before heading to their shop :)


Happy Shopping Babes! :)
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