Event: Astro On-The-Go Campus Roadshow Review (Sunway University)

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Fifa have officially begun! Are any of you catching the game?! :D Found your portal to watch and cheer for your favourite teams yet? Lazy to leave the house but don't have a source to watch the game? 

Worry no more! REMEMBER last week I posted about Astro On-The-Go? Well, I got more information for you about the app along with what happen at the Campus Roadshow in Sunway University, the best university ever. haha <3

The booth at Sunway University started at 11am, Thursday 12th June

There were Games, Freebies, Free sign up and even lucky draws prizes!

There were some readers that went for the event and actually won the lucky draw prizes! Congratulations to you all. To those that didn't manage to go, guess what they won?! They won a month's subscription to a pack of channels! Super cool right?!

Want to find out what else happen at the event?
Want to know more about how you can watch your matches live on your electronic devices?

Continue reading for more information :)

Campus Roadshow At Sunway University
It was pack the moment I reach to Sunway University. Everyone there was already cramping to register for the app as it's FREE! :)

Everyone register as fast as they can as they would get a GOODIE Bag after registering
and also have the opportunity to participate in a lucky draw!

To those that want to sign up now, you can CLICK HERE :)

Since I was there, I also signed up for my Astro On-The-Go Account :D
Concentration level asian. haha.

So those who sign up could get a chance to get the lucky draw prizes

Everyone anxiously hoping to grab the right ball to get the prizes. haha

 And guess who else was one of the lucky winner? hehe.
ME! I choose my chinese and korean channels lo. hehe :D

There even was a game session where the Emcee called out random girls to try to kick/ dabble? the football 3 times. Many couldn't. haha. What a way to show girl power. hehe.

Despite of failing, everyone who participate had an enjoyable time

Even the crowd was entertained as some girls that went out to kick were wearing heels. Big Clap for them! I would never do it lo since I can't even walk properly in heels sometimes, what more play sports in them. haha.

Was so happy to meet Carmen, Carinn and Yuh Jiun again <3
Feel like almost every week I would bump into them at an event :)

This was the entire bloggers who came at the morning session of the roadshow :)
Did you spot any of us when you guys were there? hehe.

I even dragged some of my classmates and kishya to sign up for the it. haha.
They were all so happy lo. hehe. FYI notice our coordinated outfit? It was unplanned ;)


It is an app that allows you to watch shows/movies/sports matches on your electronic devices (phone, laptop and tablet)
Here are a list of stuff that Astro On-The-Go has....
Oh they also got Korean dramas!
That ought to be the one that caught my attention :P hehe

Other Offers?

 There are some free shows available also!
Free shows like Fear Factor Malaysia, Football Overload, Oh My English and many more!
And shows/movies are easily purchase. But I think it would be more worth it to purchase the channel! :D They also have different packages for the channels you want! Click to view: Package 1 & Package 2


First download the app to your device!
 Click here for Android / IOS

After that, register/sign up for an Astro ID!
CLICK HERE to sign up now!

Enjoy your entertainment!

Hope this helps you all!

Astro On-The-Go

Download for Android / IOS


Have a good day ahead!
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