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If you have been following my instagram and facebook feed, you would have known that I am currently enjoying my holidays at Gold Coast! :D Besides that, you would have also notice me posting some electronic foot filer? Well, let me tell you that it's none other than Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File! That's a mouthful to take in right? Just remember #MYVelvetSmooth for short :)

Our feet is one of our most neglected body part. We put so much care and effort to our face, hair, nails and body but seldom pampering our feet. With all of our busy schedule, I bet you're thinking, "oh another body part to worry about and to spend more money on". Well, like you I like things that can help solve my problem easily and Scholl provided that solution. Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi purpose is easy assess to anyone at any given time or place to help achieve smooth skin on our feet :)

Wear heels a lot?
Getting cracked heel?
Got lots of old/dry skin on your feet?

Continue reading to find out what #MYVelvetSmooth can do for our feet! :)

This Velvet Smooth Express Pedi kit includes a roller head (the grey doted thingy), 4 AA batteries (YAY! for free batteries!) and one cover (for the roller). The electronic foot file effectively removes the dead skin with the roller gently rotate in action on the skin. The Micralumina roller head can be refill and is available for sale. I was ecstatic when I received the product. When I first did it on my feet, gosh was I startled by the rather loud whirling sound but once placing it on my feet, it was like a soft tingly massage :)

I would love to show you my feet but I think my feet won't be able to show you much difference because I don't have any dry skin on it. So instead, I asked my aunt in Gold Coast for help :) 

While using the electronic filer on my aunt, I could see her dead skin turning into some white powdery dust off her feet. All it takes is a few seconds, I worked and focused on her heel. After doing so, when you feel satisfied, you should have a smoother feet. It may be covered in white powdery dust. Just make sure to clean your feet and moisturise after using the electronic filer :) 

I manage to remove some of her dead skin and her feet was covered in the powdery stuff, so make sure to have some old paper as a base to not make a mess during buffering :) As you can see, my old paper was covered with the white dead skin power ): I been using this on my aunt regularly and she told me how happy she is that she can achieve this smoother skin in seconds. All these while she has been using a scissors to cut her dead skin at the heel, please don't do that people, Scholl is so much more safer than using a scissors! Especially since the product is so tiny, you can bring it around with you in your bag and do it when ever you're free :) Talk about convenience!

You can get Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Express Pedi at any Scholl's outlet and there is a nationwide RM10 discount from 1st August 2014 till 30 September 2014! Click here, My Velvet Smooth for more instructions on how to redeem the RM10 discount voucher :) FYI this product is also found in Australia and it's more expensive. haha. So make sure to redeem the discount!

Time to make those feet smooth!
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