Food: BlendZin (Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast)

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Food: BlendZin (Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast)
So after my first meal (Hugo Burgers, best burger ever!) in Gold Coast and after strolling around the Burleigh Beach, my cousin took me strolling around Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise is another popular tourist destination in Gold Coast. It's like the KL of Malaysia. I was ABSOLUTELY freezing my butt off at that time. I forgotten what was the temperature for that day. Maybe around 16-18 degrees? FYI I haven't been to Australia before and the only cold country I ever went to was to Hong Kong during their spring. So yeah, it's winter now in Gold Coast.

So with the cold weather and all, you would think that I would get myself something hot to help warm myself up... But no. LOL. I saw about 10 GELATINE and Ice Cream stores all around Surfer's Paradise and I just thought, why not get one? And so, I did :)

I ended up choosing Chocolate and Boysenberry for only $5!

Continue reading to find out more!

BlendZin is a newly open Ice Cream & Smoothie Bar in the heart of Surfers Paradise. After walking and shopping around the area, this store has the best view of the busy street of Surfers Paradise. As I enjoyed my ice cream, I got to see teens skateboarding and the busy roads with the new Light Rails (Something like KTM but on roads), shall upload a picture of that next time :)

I absolutely LOVE THE BOYSENBERRY FLAVOR ICE CREAM. It's like raspberry but better! They also have other fruity flavors. You know if you are in Gold Coast, MAKE sure that you make time to visit some of their fruit farms! They got all sorts of weird fruits that I have never heard of here, ranging from Custard-Apple (Yes that is a fruit! Kinda looks like guava to me. lol), Chocolate fruit (or as known as Black Sapote) and Gooseberry! I bet there are other kinds of quirky fruits found here that I haven't heard of or seen before, but that's about all that I know of. Shall upload my trip to the fruit farm another time :D

Kiosk 1, 3113 Hilton High Street, Surfers Paradise, 4217.

So if you are ever in a country during their winter time and you're freezing your butt off, try something different and indulge in some cold ice cream. You will definitely feel the shiok-ness (excitement)!

Have a good night everyone!
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