Travel: Burleigh Beach (Gold Coast, Australia)

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Travel: Burleigh Beach (Gold Coast, Australia)
Right after lunch at Hugo's Lounge, my cousin took me down to Burleigh Beach. All these names sounds so western to me. It was my first day of being in Gold Coast and I could already see a number of trends among the locals there.

As I am typing this, I'm already back in Malaysia. Honestly I regretted not going back to the beach one last time before I flew back here to humid hot Malaysia. I ain't saying that I ain't glad to be home, it's just, I miss the weather and the soft clean sand on my feet. <3

Shall just post pictures and a few captions on it :)
Continue reading for more beautiful sights of Burleigh Beach, Gold Coast <3

I took a few picture on the way to the beach. I noticed that if not most then all of their buildings/houses are only single floor. Not sure why but I guess they all have a vast amount of land to build on. haha.

Most of the houses there have garages

Very few houses like this actually cover up their house with a gate and fence

Check out this cool cafe

Old school petrol station

I miss crossing the road without any fear in my heart

Since I been back, whenever I am driving, I try to let pedestrians cross whenever I see them on the road. Kinda feel bad that Malaysia don't have much zebra crossing for those who want to cross the roads safely. 

Mother-Toddler Picnic

It was a Friday Afternoon. Around 1pm? There were lots of families around, mostly grandparents, moms and their todlers, relaxing by the beach or playing around the playground. After visiting majority of Gold Coast Beaches, I can say that I see more families in Burleigh Beach as compare to the rest :) So if you have a family with kids and are thinking to visit a beach, I strongly suggest Burleigh Beach! :D

The trees in Gold Coast are enormous!
Lots of them can be as tall as a 3 floor building!

Surfers ready to hit the waves

Even tho it was winter and I was freezing my butt of, there were still plenty of people surfing far out to the waves! Btw, check out the beautiful sky. Every time I look up in Gold Coast, is like the sky had a contrast filter turned on. lol.

These birds kinda freaked me out.
Their eyes looked like small doll eyes to me. ugh

That is a cafe/community center I think

Lots of hot surfer dudes that day :) hehe

I found it shocking that they had alcohol free zones!
As long as you are not in a restaurant, you can't drink alcohol in public :O

Small pieces of the pine tree

These birds can go crazy when there are food near them

They have bicycle lanes EVERYWHERE.
Even on the roads!

Unique shaped building

Classes start already and the assignments are horrendous!
Shall post more picture about Gold Coast when I have the time :)
Been back to Malaysia since Monday and I am trying to get through a without sweating. lol

Anyways have a good day ahead!
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