Travel: Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast, Australia)

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Travel: Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast, Australia)
I spend my first in day in Gold Coast strolling around Burleigh Beach and Surfers Paradise. Here are some of the pictures taken at that time :) GORGEOUS DAY, I tell you. It was just perfect. Imagine I left Malaysia with smelling like haze in my hair, once I reached Gold Coast I couldn't stop breathing in the fresh cold air. Just perfect I tell you!

Surfers Paradise is widely popular with tourist mainly because of the cheap souvenir stores found and the exciting night life. You would tend to see more Asians here as compare to other spots in Gold Coast.

Want to see some more pictures?
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If you are ever in AUSTRALIA, make sure you visit MAX BRENNER! It's an amazing dessert cafe. It's everywhere in Queensland. Not sure about the other states but it should be everywhere :) I even took a picture of the light rail here. Take your time to scroll down :)

Oh the cafe culture here is really popular, do make sure to visit some cafes while you are here in Gold Coast! I shall upload some that I went to recently :) The cafes here open at 6AM-4PM! Early risers most of them here. 

See that Kancil car I spotted in Surfers Paradise. 
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.

Shall upload more pictures soon!

Have a good day ahead everyone <3
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