Personal: Cross Dressing and Identity

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Can't belive that it's already August. Sorry for the long hiatus. I couldn't blog much due to my stupid laptop crashing on me and my many spontaneous adventures. Lol. Manage to go to Ipoh, Kuala Selangor and malacca :)

Shall upload the pictures here if my laptop doesn't crash on me again. So before the semester of my course ended, there was a rather interesting presentation we had to do for our "History of Psychology" class.

It involves all of us dressing up in costumes.
Hehe :)

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I'm actually using my phone now to blog. Had all of these pictures in my phone. So I thought "why not"? :)

So anyways the class was suppose to role play out one part of our syllabus of the subject. And my group chose..... can you try guessing who am I suppose to be? ;) Well, it's "Charles Darwin"! More like the documentary of his studies and findings which led up to evolution..

Of course I wasn't wearing the skirt when I presented. Wore a coat and slacks. Honestly I never felt so manly in my entire life before. Haha. Felt so happy when I wore my skirt again. You know what they say, you won't know what you love until it's gone.

Even tho u it was just a for a mere 12 minutes worth of presentation,  never knew that dressing in an unusual attire could actually made me feel less feminine. Okay I'm rambling again. But at that moment when I wore my skirt again, I was kinda glad to be a girl last. Feel like we could wear anything and could get away with it. 

So yeah, had fun acting as a guy. Plus the beard was so soft and I couldn't stop touching it. Hehe. Needless to say my group got the highest marks out of the whole class ★★★ FYI I got the tongkat(cane) from Mr DYI Store. It was less than Rm20! Such a good buy :) it's now in my car, protecting me from any danger.

Bet you never met such a cute Charles Darwin before. Hehe.

FYI, I WILL BE AWAY FROM 7TH -24TH OF AUGUST. Will be flying off to the land of the Kangaroos :) Hopefully everything would be alright. It's my first time flying alone :/ Hopefully I wouldn't encounter anymore frightening events like the last Bangkok trip. Lol

Sayonara ♥

Ps. All picture credits to Amelia. 

Have a blessed day ahead!

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