Event: Triumph Forever Young Collection Launch (Black Box, Publika)

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All of us want to stay young forever but unless some one stops time then that could only happen. Can you guess out of our entire body, which part of our body would age the fastest? Neck? Face? Tummy? If you guess all of those, you're wrong... It's actually our BREAST. I was kinda shock when this was announced at the Triumph Forever Young Collection Launch. But it does make sense as over time, our bust will lose tissue, fats and collagen, causing them to lose their fullness. Plus gravity would cause the bust to sag.

The girls and I at the launch.

Curious to know more about this new collection? 
Continue reading to find out how we can achieve youthful bust!
Maria Tunku Sabri, Carey Ng, Daphne Iking, Kate Ang and Dr Harjit Kaur gave a discussing on the rather controversial topic on bust aging and how to keep our bust youthful.  

 The 'talk show' before the launch

Sagging usually starts around our mid 20's. Also depending on the size of your bust. Triumph came out with a new collection to help keep us young forever. The new collection line is call Forever Young, it aims to correct bust sagging according to your bust age, in order for more youthful-looking bust. Their tagline at the launch of this line was, "Do you know your bust age?". A few of us were worry when they asked us that, because won't it be embarrassing if your bust is actually way older than your actual age? lol.

Live Demonstration on the comparison of 
Triumph Forever Young Collection Super Support vs Natural Support

There are three types of supports found in Forever Young Collection. They aim to help us achieve fuller, rounder, firmer and lifted busts. They are Natural Support, Shape Support & Super Support.

Natural support (Stage 1) : To prevent breast sagging

Shape support (Stage 2) : To maintain natural shape of the breasts

Super support (Stage 3) : To correct breast sagging

They also have a shaping support, to help get those busts looking perkier in seconds!

The fashion show was themed according to the four seasons. 





Do check out the video I took at the fashion show!

I love the ones featured at the spring section. I can't wait to try out this collection!

For more information do check out Triumph Website and Facebook Page

Have a fantastic week ahead!
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