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Decided to do something different. I have been listening to indie songs ever since I interned at BFM. Truth be told, I didn't like it at first, it sounded a little too depressing/country. After getting sick of listening to too many mainstream songs that got played ka-zillion times on radio a day, I decided to switch back to BFM and I never looked back.

I found out new bands and singers through listening to some random youtube videos. It was so good that I shared to my friends and family to hear them. So today, I just want to compile my favourite Indie Playlist with you all.

Sick of listening to overplayed music? 
Want a song that makes you feel like "you can flying with the stars" after listening to it?

Listen to them and do comment if you got some songs you think I love.
Continue reading for the full list.

1. Mighty Hands - At A Loss For A Goodbye

Listen to this at the end of a movie, CRUSH. If you love thriller, I would recommend you watching the movie. As for the song, it felt like a very beautiful goodbye song. Like a soundtrack song, when you're about to depart from where ever you are. Love the guitar and how soft the lead singer's voice is.

2. Keira Knightley - Lost Stars


Think of a time when you needed everything to just follow your way. That's how I felt when I heard this song. It's a very cute and wishful song of a girl trying to live in this hard world. This song is another movie soundtrack from Begin Again. GO WATCH THE MOVIE if you are a sucker for these kind of songs! There is a bunch of songs like this in the movie. PLUS Adam Levine is in it too!

3. Adam Levine - Lost Stars

Adam's version is more of a guy trying to find his way in life. Seriously, his voice is one of a kind, I love how husky/high it is. I can imagine myself listening to this while staring at the stars at night. I listened to this song about 10 times a day after I first heard of it from the movie, Begin Again <3

4. Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

Somehow I picture myself in the forest or dessert when listening to this. Feel like it's very nature and calming when listening to it.

5. Zella Day - Compass

Zella Day, I had no idea who she was until I listen to her song on BFM at one random night. It was absolutely beautiful. Felt like I could watch a love story of a young couple. Think of your first love. That is how I felt when I listened to this. Young pure love. "Compass points you anywhere closer to me"

6. Zella Day - East of Eden

0.20 Brought me to space. Imagine yourself floating in the galaxy, watching all of the stars while reaching close to the sun. That's how I felt when I listen to this song. I wish there was more songs like this. Her voice is amazing, I love everything about the song from the beat, to the effects and even the lyrics.

7. Vacationer - Good As New


I had a really horrible day when I listened to this. It was just a happy song to just lift away all of the horrible stuff. Listen to this when you're feeling crappy, I assure you would feel 10% better than how you were feeling before. haha.

So that's the end of this music post.
Hopefully I could do more of this in the future <3

Have a good weekend all!
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