Sale: Factorie (Suria KLCC, KL)

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It's Saturday! How is your weekend so far?! Guess what? There is another sale! The last time I posted a SALE ALERT was on my Facebook Page. So do make sure that you like it for instant updates! :D

Can you believe that this H&M Blazer was only RM20?!

Well, this time the sale items are RM19 for dresses/skorts/hats at Factorie!

Can you believe that I bought all these for less than RM100?!

I went shopping after visiting HOMEDEC Exhibition at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. If you or your family are thinking to renovate your house, this exhibition is a must go! Do check out my write up of the exhibition, HERE.

The view as I was walking to KLCC

Curious to know what else they have for sale in Factorie?
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Picture Credits: KLCC

If you haven't heard, Factorie have been opened in Malaysia for about 11 months now. They are an Australian brand, something like Cotton On. They are everywhere when I was in Gold Coast and they would always mark their prices unbelievably cheap! The difference of Factorie in Gold Coast and Malaysia is that, the outlets found in Malaysia are a 100% cleaner and organize as the ones found at Gold Coast <3 It's a turn off entering to a messy store.

I actually didn't know that they have an outlet in KLCC, thought Sunway Pyramid was the only outlet they have. Their outlet in KLCC is definately twice the size of Sunway Pyramid's outlet and EVERYTHING WAS ON SALE!

ALL of their SKORTS are at RM 19

Photo Credits: Tauyanm.com (Jane)

Photo Credits: Tauyanm.com (Jane)

Photo Credits: Tauyanm.com (Jane)

Dresses and shorts from RM 15- RM 20. They also have cardigans at RM 40. It was heaven when I was there. Almost fainted when I saw how much the skorts was. They even have sizes! From size 4 - 14! I was there on Thursday. I asked the counter how long would the sale be and she said until stock last. So make sure to go there! Not sure if other outlets have the same prices but there is no harm in checking! :)

Here are some of my purchases while I was there:

Skort || RM 19

Hat || RM 19

Dress || RM 19

5 items for RM 95!

If I do see any more sales, shall post them here on the blog or the facebook page. So don't miss out on it! :D

Third Floor, 303A/303C Suria KLCC

03 - 21815 215


Happy Shopping Babes!
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