OMG: Hello Kitty Beauty Vending Machine in Malaysia!

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Hi all! How are all of you on this beautiful Friday morning? :D You know how most of the cute beauty stuff or cool vending machines are always found in JAPAN or KOREA? Well, you won't believe this but Malaysia have a Hello Kitty Beauty Vending Machine!

Your one stop beauty fix machine!

From a far, I thought it would be candy or some toy vending machine but when I took a better look, it was filled with beauty fix! They have shower gel to sunblock and even perfume in it! :D

Curious where is this machine? 
Want to have a closer look in the products?
Continue reading!

There is about 12 different products found in the vending machine. My favourite ought to be the Shower Gel because of the super duper cute container. Seriously when you see it, you will understand what I mean <3 FYI this is gonna be a fun post. Wasn't sponsored to do this, just wanted to share this wonder machine that I found <3

1. Perfumes (RM 5)

2. Lip Balm (RM 10)
3. Lip Care (RM 15)
4. Hand Cream (RM 10)

6. Tissue & Pouch (RM3)

7. Body Butter (RM 20)

8. Cosmetic Bag (RM 20 / RM 30)

9. Cleansing Foam (RM 40)
10. Sunscreen (RM 45)

11. Deep Moisturizing Cream (RM 55)

12. Shower Gel (RM 20)

So which is your favourite product?

I'm having my finals in 2 weeks, so do understand if I blog less okay? <3

The vending machine is found in AVENUE K Mall.
It's below Taste ENCLAVE.
Location: Mezzanine level next to Original Classic (LG1-8)

For more details of the mall, 
go to their Facebook Page or Website.

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