Event: Triumph Roadshow - Sparkle With Confidence (1 Utama Shopping Centre)

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Event: Triumph Roadshow - Sparkle With Confidence (1 Utama Shopping Centre)
Calling all TRIUMPH fans! Triumph is doing something different for us customers <3 They are having a roadshow at 4 different malls 1 Utama, Gurney Plaza, KLCC & Subang Parade. Currently from 2nd of December to 7th of December 2014, they will be found at Ground Floor Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (019-3550198).

I was at their roadshow on the 3rd of December and got myself fitted for their new collection Forever Young (Click here to view their collection). They have lots of promotions there, so if you're a regular customer of Triumph, you should totally check out the deals there! Besides that I also got to experience some of their amazing challenges. The challenges at the roadshow were "Discover your Bust Age", "Get Sexy Cleavage in an Instant" & "Know what’s your shape?". Yes, I actually found out how old my boobs were. Sounds interesting right? I even got a chance to participate in a lucky draw which lead me to win a voucher home! <3

For all of my readers, if you quote "JESSY THE KL CHIC", you would instantly get a chance 
to participate in the lucky draw without needing to do anything or make any purchases.

Curious to know more?
Continue reading to find out

Triumph is one of the best lingerie brand out there. It of course gives maximum support and comfort. Speaking from my experience since being a customer of their for 7 years already. This Christmas, Sparkle With Confidence Triumph Roadshow has amazing promotions and activities for us ladies. There would be a Triumph Siganature Service Passport give to complete the challenges at the event, in order to receive exclusive prizes!

Challenges and Services found at the event

Forever Young Collection

Aqua Collection

What's your shape challenge

Sloggi Competition

They also have Buy 3 Free 1 & Buy 5 Free 2 promotions at Sloggi and Triumph selected lingerie <3

Sloggi Collection

 Triumph Undies Promotion

If you're worry about the comfort of trying on their bras, fret not, because their dressing rooms are super spacious! Plus the consultants there would be there with you every step of the way. If you need any assistance, they will be right next to you :)

Spacious Dressing Rooms

This was the bust meter to check how old your boobs is!

Apparently there were some women that are in their 50s whose bust were at their 30s because of always having good support system. However, there were some who were in their 20s and their bust were actually at their 40s. Was super worried when I did this challenge but you know what? I am still safe! hehe. It was at my 20s when I tried it. Go try yours, you might be surprise at your bust age!

Measurements during the Bust Age Challenge

They will also help measure your bust with and without a bra. This will help you see how healthy or supported your bust is. Honestly all those who don't were your bras when you're home, start wearing your sports bra at least because gravity will pull it down and you don't want your bust to sag when you're just at your late 20s right?

At the back of your card, there is an exercise routine for us to stay "forever young"
These are basically good exercises for our chest.

You would get a passport to complete all of the challenges

Lucky Draw

After the challenges you are entitled for the lucky draw, but if you quote my name first, you would already get your lucky draw! :D

Triumph Care Guide

They will also inform you with the right way to wash your lingerie :) Any of you guilty of doing these? :P Time to wash it the right way! Washing it the right way will ensure that your lingerie will last longer <3

There is even a complimentary sensual makeover & photoshoot!

Do also join Triumph Best Silhouette Contest for a chance to win prizes worth up to RM3,000! Receive professional lingerie advice, complimentary top-to-toe Makeover when you purchase RM350 of Triumph products.

1st Prize – RM1000 cash + RM1000 Triumph Voucher and RM1000 Parkson Voucher
2nd Prize – RM800 cash + RM800 Triumph Voucher and RM800 Parkson Voucher
3rd Prize – RM500cash + RM500 Triumph Voucher and RM500 Parkson Voucher


Triumph Roadshow - Sparkle With Confidence

2-7 Dec                Ground Floor Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (019-3550198) - Near Victoria Secret
12-14 Dec            Triumph Counter, Parkson Gurney Plaza (019-3554710)
                             Triumph Counter, Parkson KLCC (019-3554907)
19-21 Dec            Triumph Counter, Parkson Subang Parade (03-56221808)

Happy Shopping babes
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