Contest: Stand A Chance to Party On the Bus (F&N Fun Blast Contest)

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Contest: Stand A Chance to Party On the Bus (F&N Fun Blast Contest)
Thinking of how to end 2014 with a bang? Want to do grand celebrations or party with your friends but don't have the money? Well guess what!? Now you can live your dream to party like a rockstar! How? Well with F&N Fun Blast Party Bus!

This ought to be the first party bus available in Malaysia! You wouldn't believe this but this party bus have a bar to serve you signature F&N Ice Cream Soda concocted drinks, karaoke fun time along with a fusion of party feel flashing lights interior in the bus. Sounds super swag right? Honestly I felt like a VIP when I was on the bus! Everything was so surreal and exciting :D

Want to know how to win this opportunity to party on the bus with your friends?
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Pretty Ming & I, behind the wall of F&N on the bus

F&N Fun is all about spreading cheer and share the fun while you build friendship through fun experiences. F&N is a great companion and a must have to share. The F&N Fun Flavours come in 12 varieties, which most of us are familiar with Outrageous Orange, Cool Ice Cream Soda, Smashing Strawberry, Groovy Grape, Flashy Fruitade, Zesty Zappel, Sarsi, Ginger Ade, Clearly Citrus, Club Soda Water, Extra Dry Tonic Water and Special Dry Ginger Ale. Ice Cream Soda is my favourite! What's yours?

Lights and People

The moment I step into the bus, it was like I got transported to a whole new realm. Love the retro vibe and the fusion of various colours like orange, purple, blue, yellow that transform the bus into a club. Plus did you notice the drink holders on the side of the bus interior?! So if you're dancing in the bus, you can leave your drinks there without worrying on spilling them.

Sing like a rockstar

That's the karaoke machine I was telling you about. That's Ming choosing her songs to sing. There is a display tv too for you to view the lyris and you even get a wireless mic, so worry not! Plus the sound system in the bus is off the hook. You would be able to move with the bass of the beat to the song.

There is also the bar at the back of the bus. Don't worry it's alcohol free but filled with F&N goodness. I am actually craving for some Ice Cream Soda Mix Drinks now! You will get a driver and a bartender with you during your party with your friends on the bus! Sounds super exclusive right? There are 5 drinks where you can order from the bar: Yellow Submarine, Spicy Cool, Awesome Surprise, Jazz It Up and Asian Twist. The mixed drinks used F&N Ice Cream Soda as the base, while mixing a variety of ingredients like guava, lychee, grape, mint, pineapple and even cucumber! My favourite was the Asian Twist. Surprisingly the cucumber taste like honeydew to me. haha.

Laura and I enjoying our drinks

How to Join in the FUN?!
Participate in F&N Fun Blast Contest to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to party on a bus with your 6 friends.

All you have to do, follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Go to F&N Fun Facebook Page
2. Click on the F&N Fun Blast tab (or click HERE)
3. Click 'Let's Play' 
4. Drag and Drop the right ingredients to match the Ice Cream Soda recipe to collect more points.

*Collect points when you match the right ingredients, points will be deducted if you match the ingredients wrongly. Complete all 5 levels and unlock a special bonus level to gain more points. Participants with the highest points gained each week will be chosen as the weekly winners. Jiayou!

What will you WIN?
Grand Prize x 6 : Each winner + 6 friends will win an exclusive F&N FUN Blast Party on a bus.
Weekly Prize x 14 : 1 pair of GSC movie tickets

Contest Period
9th December 2014 – 22nd December 2014 

Sounds super easy right? 

Go play the game now! :D

With Amelia :)

 Be the party people


Grand Prize x 6 : Each winner + 6 friends will win an exclusive F&N FUN Blast Party on a bus.
Weekly Prize x 14 : 1 pair of GSC movie tickets

Contest Period
9th December 2014 – 22nd December 2014 

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FYI did you know that today is the last Saturday before Christmas?!
Make sure to have a rocking weekend ahead!
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