Food: Fok Yok Hong Kong Restaurant (Puchong) - 3 Girls & 6 Crabs

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Food: Fok Yok Hong Kong Restaurant (Puchong) - 3 Girls & 6 Crabs
Yo, how's life?
I am finally done with finals and I can breathe. End of the year are usually birthday season, due to finals we couldn't celebrate Kishya's birthday. So when we asked her where she wants to eat, instead of telling us the place, she told us she wanted crabs. So thus started the CRAB MARATHON.


Sounds insane right? It wasn't when we were ordering. hehe. If you remember this place, it's MY FAVOURITE CRAB RESTAURANT. Why you ask? It's not because they have the largest crabs but because it's the CHEAPEST CRAB STORE IN TOWN. ONLY RM 32 for 2 crabs! Plus I like that it's only 15 minute drive away from my house <3

Cheesy Crab (4 pieces) || RM 64

Chessy Crab is a must order! It's like cabonara sauce for pasta. It was so good. They even had cheese flakes on top of the dish this time. haha. Good improvement. Plus this is incredible with the bread (Mantau)

Salted Egg Crabs (4 pieces) || RM 32

I'm not really a fan of salted egg, so I didn't even touch this. The girls said that there was something missing to this dish. So if you like salted egg, you might be disappointed if you order this as both of my friends love salted egg.


I hate tofu because it's tasteless. However, Fok Yok Homemade Tofu is an exception. Seriously love these tofu since I first had it when I was 16. It's something like Japanese Tofu but with more flavours. Plus this taste extra good with the cheesy sauce from the crabs. haha. The girls thought this was meh but it's heaven for me.

Mantau (6 Pieces) || RM 4.20

A must have when ordering crabs especially with good sauces to combine it with <3

Coconut Curry Prawns || RM 28

As I said in my previous post that this was a popular dish, when we were at the restaurant again, everyone was ordering this again and I finally got to try it out! Truth be told, I was kinda expecting more from this dish. Felt like it was like any other curry with coconut but my friends couldn't stop singing praises for this dish. One thing I would say, this dish's prawn was in incredibly fresh and huge! <3

Birthday Girl & the Feast

We didn't finish all of it. 2 piece of crab per person is really a lot. I thought I could but I guess now I know my limits, but maybe without the rice and bread, I might have been able to. haha. Shall return again next year. After all of the above, I think all of us gotta watch out for our cholesterol levels. haha. Any health care want to do sponsorship? :P

Check out their Facebook Page for other crazy cheap deals at their restaurant

They serve lobster too!

Restaurant Tak Fok

Puchong Branch:
No.23, Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, Puchong, 47100 Selangor. 

Tel: 03-80606994

Since the end of 2014 is coming, I just really want to say that this year has been an incredible journey. From my surgery to the digi competition and even my blogging. Just want to say a big thank you to everyone out there and thank you for the opportunities <3

And also thank you to these two babes, amelia and kishya, who always have my back no matter what happens <3 Compiled all of the pictures we took in 2014. And surprisingly seeing each picture brings different memories up. From our event part time job, random cafe hunting, jumpstreet, doing our hair, rushing for finals and the birthday surprises, I remember them all. haha. Think my life would have been boring without them lo. haha.

I just noticed got two of the same pictures here. 
Oh wells, quite noob of me.

Cheers to more blessings in 2015!
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