Food: Perfecto Chips Available in Cafes now! (Perfecto Snack Bar)

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Food: Perfecto Chips Available in Cafes now! (Perfecto Snack Bar)
What would be the perfect hang out dish with your friends? For me it would be chips with some dipping sauces, which I can hardly find in any restaurant in Malaysia. So imagine my surprise when I found out Perfecto Snacks are having a campaign (Perfecto Snack Bar) to DIY your chips and dips in various Malaysian Cafes.

Perfecto Snacks is potato crisps brand (under Mamee Malaysia) that emphasizes on fresh garnishing with sensational flavours. The brand has 3 flavours – natural sea salt, sour cream and chives, chilli and spice infusion.

Here are some of our DYI Chips and Dips <3

From 13th December 2014 - 9th January 2015, you would be able to get your customize Perfecto Chips and Dip at any 5 selected cafes, which are Wood & Steel, Fikcles, Roast & Grind, 42 East and Dude & Duchess. The launch of this campaign was last week and during the event there was even a food art competition. Guess who won it? Yours truly of course. hehe. And I couldn't have won it without my wonderful teammates <3 

Nuffnangers Unite!
This is also our winning team picture :) We got one more member, Su Fen! But she left right after the event. R-L: Bowie, Valerie, Jack, Me & Su Quan 

Curious to know more about how this Perfecto Cafe works?
Want to see my winning Food Art?
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The event was held at Fikcles which is one of the five participating cafe. The cafe is located at TTDI, make sure to pay for your parking ticket, even though it's a Saturday. A lot of cars got saman that day. 

 Pina Coladas for a hot Saturday afternoon

Perfecto Snack Bar
Customize your desired chips and dip from the five selected cafes for only RM 3.50! Affortable right?! PLUS the dipping are unlimited! So you can refill them :O

How to customize them? Follow these 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Choose your choice of crisps-natural sea salt, sour cream and chives or chilli and spice infusion.

Step 2: Garnish your crisps with sweetcorn, slices mushrooms, parmesan cheese powder, parsley flakes or chilli flakes.

Step 3: Dip your crisps with cheese sauce, mustard sauce, mayonnaise or salsa.

 Ta-Dah! Easy peasy :)

 My happy face with my customize Perfecto Snack <3
It tasted so good until I wanted to taupau some home. hehe.

So remember I talked about a food art competition? Well during the event, they wanted to see how creative we could be with Perfecto Snack Chips. All of the groups were given 10 minutes. It was such a rush thing but our group decided to theme our dish Christmas and thus the birth of "Perfecto Christmas"

 Additional Ingredients for the Food Art

10 minutes felt like a blink of an eye when we were arranging the food
Picture credits: Su Fen <3

 Huge right our food art! Can you guess what it is?

 It's a Santa and a Christmas tree with Snow at the bottom
We even wrote "xmas" but our spelling looked a little fail la. haha. BTW We crushed the chips and layout mayonnaise to spell xmas. Needless to say, we were the messiest group :P

Perfecto is also having an Instagram contest! Make sure to take a picture while enjoying your Perfecto Chips from the Perfecto Snack Bar. Just tag @PERFECTOSNACKS & #Perfectochips.

For one month, Perfecto will be picking three lucky fans every week to receive a carton of Perfecto crisps each! You could be one of them! :D For examples, click HERE or HERE.

Want some of Perfecto Chips and Dip? Want to show off how pretty your customize Perfecto dish can be with your friends? Go go go and try doing it yourself :)

Perfecto Snack Bar

Price: RM 3.50
Period: 13th December 2014 - 9th January 2015

For more information: Perfecto Facebook Page | Instagram 

Have a chiptastic week ahead!
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