Place: Monki (IOI City Mall, Putrajaya)

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Place: Monki (IOI City Mall, Putrajaya)
Been seeing MONKI on over your social media but never got a chance to visit this hype up store? Well MONKI is a Swedish brand and also sister brand of H&M! I actually didn't know that H&M is a Swedish brand until I did my research for this post. haha. Yes I do my homework before I blog. Anyways back to MONKI, their style is very much quirky and vibrant.

If you love all things bright and statement, then this store is for you! Even from outside, the lights are so bright that you're feet would be hypnotize to enter. haha. Feel like you can have a party in the store.

Want to see more designs?
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Monki launched their first store in Malaysia early this year and now I think they have about 3 outlets? Nu Sentral, IOI City Mall and 1 Utama!

As you can see most of their clothing are very in your face kind. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then MONKI is your brand. Though I love the designs, I don't have the heart to actually spend RM 150+++ on a single top. Their pricing are more or less same like Topshop. Honestly I didn't think that the price would be so high because the quality of the clothes were same like H&M. 

Pretty to look at but not pretty during the payment

I sound like such a cheapskate now, haha. I hope they got some sale or something. At least with Topshop they have members sale which is somewhat still alright for the pricing. Anyways hope this help those who were curious about MONKI. I know I was before I entered the store.

Anyways happy shopping!
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