11 International Female Fashion Bloggers that You Ought to Follow

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11 International Female Fashion Bloggers that You Ought to Follow
Just like any girl, I love fashion. I love to read and watch different fashion articles or shows. I believe that what you wear shows out who are. Sometimes, when you don't feel like talking, your clothes can do it for you. Not only does your attire help to tell others about your personality but it also shows your mood of the day. I been following a few international fashion bloggers for some time. It's amazing to see how some items could be paired along in that manner. So in this article, let me introduce to you 11 of my favourite International Female Fashion Bloggers that I think you ought to follow. They are arranged in no particular order and all of their blog links are linked below :) 

Ulimali. This Singaporean blogger does not have a limit to her fashion posts. From posing in a cementary to lying on the staircase, this blogger would do anything for the sake of art and fashion. It was a joy looking through her pictures and then reading her thoughts of how she felt when she chose the theme of the fashion shoot. She has also appeared on Nylon and Vogue. Definitely an inspirational blog to read for those who needs an idea for their fashion posts. Click HERE to read the blog.

Polishing Colors. This Romanian Fashion Blogger currently resides in London but often travels to around Europe, especially Paris. You can see from her style that comfort matters. From either dressing up or dressing down, she will find a way to make it chic. Even some of her photo poses are different from the usual poses we see on lookbook. Click HERE to read the blog.

Fashion Coolture. This Brazilian Fashion Blogger is known for her ready to wear street wear. If on a daily basis you are thinking of what to wear to college or university, I recommend you checking out her outfits. It's very doable especially with our hot weather. Click HERE to view the blog. 

Lady Moriarty. This Parisian Fashion blogger loves to put the quirky into all of her apparel. You should totally check out her collection of eye catching bags. There is nothing ordinary of her outfit from pairing knee length skirts with thick socks or going demure with a feminine artisan look. Click HERE to read the blog.

The Chronicles Of Her. This Aussie Fashion Blogger ought to be my favourite. For a month all I did was read her blog and no one else. I love how she mix and match her effortless polish look. Aside from that she is quite witty on her blog, so it was another plus for me since I like reading in detail why bloggers picked the outfit they wear. Click HERE to read the blog. 

Fashionquite. Ivana is a fashion blogger from Milan. She is often seen with her floral or pastel theme outfits but is also not afraid to try out other trends. There were a post where she was spotted in a 70s themed OOTD where she showed how to pair flair jeans. Btw this fashionista is a law graduate. Click HERE to see the blog 

Maffashion. This polish fashion blogger has been featured on Vogue twice. Aside from the sport modern chic look that she carries out, her winter outfit of the day is to die for. If you are planning to visit a cold country and don't know how to layer or look fabulous? Read her blog. I was amaze with how she matched her silver sequined top with 2 other white layering along with a white coat. Being able to pull off wearing the same colour for the entire look takes skill, which we all can learn from now. Click HERE to read the blog. 

Song Of Style. This American Fashion blogger has been featured on Teen Vogue and other acclaimed magazines. Aimee Song has the whole City Gal Beach vibe, this could be due to the fact that she lives in LA. Aside from Fashion, interior design is her next love. Did I mention that she does YouTube too? Go watch her video of how to take the perfect Instagram picture. It was hilarious and educational. Click HERE to view her blog.

The Spicy Stiletto. Born and raised in California, this american girl would show you an edgy preppy look. I love how she is able to make her outfit look very editorial even though she only used dark colours. Aside from fashion, she also cooks! She blogs about the recipe of her dishes. Click HERE to view the blog.

Ring My Bell. Feel like you seen this UK blogger somewhere? Maybe at Revenge, the TV Series? Well Ashley Madekwe not only loves to acts but she is also loves blogging about fashion. If you're thinking of a more modern chic look then I would suggest her blog to you. From sporting rip jeans to bohemian skirts. Ashley's style is an urban chic look that you would usually see in magazines. Click HERE to view the blog

Break My Style. Don't let this street chic fool you. This Philippine Fashion/Beauty Blogger is a chameleon. Like her name, she always find a way to break greater heights with her style. One day it could be street wear, while the next could be sporting a floral chic outfit or even styling a tutu skirt. Aside from that, I love how minimalist and organised her blog is. If you are thinking of changing your blog template, I would recommend you hers! Click HERE to view the blog.

Let me know what do you think of this post and which you think is your favourite. I also got a list of my favourite male fashion bloggers which I am not sure if you all are interested to see.

Anyways, stay fabulous!
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