Beauty: My First Lip Tattoo with Shizens

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Beauty: My First Lip Tattoo with Shizens
I bet you all are wondering when did I get my lips done or did it hurt getting a lip tattoo... First of this lip tattoo did not hurt at all. It was done in less than a minute and you can even do it yourself! Sounds too good to be true? Well you're in for a surprise! This lip tattoo can be done anywhere and at anytime. It's easy and fast.... You won't even realize that your lips has change and the best part it, it stays on pretty long!

Before that, let me first introduce you to Shizens. Shizens is a cosmetic and skin care brand from Malaysia. It offers a wide variety of natural ingredients products that helps enhance our natural beauty.As you can tell by now, you would know that I didn't get any surgery done but actually I got Shizens' best seller, Lip Tattoo product from The Butterfly Project-Christmas Party in December. Sounds super interesting right? How does one actually get their lip tattooed from a product? Well let me tell you.

This Lip Tattoo is sort of like a lipgloss. What makes it different is that the gloss is white and when you apply it on your lips it would transformed your lip colour according to your body temperature. According to Shizens' website, "Shizens Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture and relieves the formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones."

Shizens Lip Tattoo || RM 168

Application: Apply appropriate amount onto your lips and wait for a minute or two. You would notice your lips turning rosy and giving off a healthy natural pink look.

I got a friend's mom who also used this product on her cheeks as a blusher. Remember this Lip Tattoo lightens dark pigmented, so I guess you can be creative in using this product. Like I said this product shows the effect in a couple of minutes. Best to not put too much or else you might have a thick lip colour.

Verdict: 7/10
I love how the colour last from morning until night. However, I noticed that after 10-15 minutes, my lips begin to feel very dry. At first application, it would feel very moisture and eventually living my lips a little dry. But I do love how it feels like I got nothing on my lips. I actually have been using this product ever since I started to review it. It would have gotten a 9/10 if the moisture stayed on.

Aside from Lip Tattoo, Shizens also have a variety of interesting best sellers like Eye Charm, Lip Painter and Liposome Fair Refining Essence.

Shizens Lip Tattoo || RM 168
For more information about Shizens Lip Tattoo or their other outlets, do check out their website.

Now you all know how to get that rosy lips without actually going through a comestic surgery.

Have a beautiful weekend
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