Event: Glamorous 1920 at Party of the Century

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Event: Glamorous 1920 at Party of the Century
It's been 2 days since the party and gosh was it grand! It kinda felt like the Oscars and now I know how it feels like to be walking down the red carpet. Before I continue, I bet you're wondering what I am blabbering about. Remember my post a week back? Party of the Century is a sneak preview of Empire City, Click Here for more details.

Like I said in my previous post, the celebrity performers were 2AM, Mark Vincent, Paris Hilton and Taboo from Black Eyed Peas. While there were honoured guests like Him Law (羅仲謙), Sharon Chan (陈敏芝), Eliza Sum (岑麗香) and Elanne Kong (江若琳) present there. There was about 6,000 people at the event! Local celebs, youtubers, bloggers, models, radio dj, entertainer and many more was there. While we were there it's obvious that the entire place was under heavy construction, but what really surprised me was how beautifully and glamorous the entire hall was for "Party of the Century". Never could I imagine the place decorated so classy. The moment you come into the hall, there would be about 50 ushers that would greet us. I was lucky enough to get a VIP Gold Pass, which gave me access to the upper floors for a better view and comfort. I have Sidney to thank for this amazing opportunity!

Stuck in the car with Suquan because of rush hour traffic

I shall show you pictures that were taken in  time-order during the event. FYI if you're wondering why my pictures look a little blur, it's because I didn't use my usual Olympus EPL5 but used TR1200 (All thanks to Amelia! The zoom on this camera is shocking, I literally took all of my pictures from a very far distance) because I wanted a smaller camera for this event. The other pictures without my logo are from various websites/sources, which I will credit at the end of this post :)

Sharon Chan (陈敏芝), Him Law (羅仲謙) and Eliza Sum (岑麗香)

 This was where I took my pictures from. Love the zoom feature of the camera.
In front of me were the bouncers, as were I was standing was only available to the vips.

 With the power couple

 With Marc and the girls

With Suquan, Jane, Deven and Diana

With pretty Bowie

 With the pretty girls and Sean

Spent my whole night with these babes, Su Quan and Jane <3

Outfit for the Night

Dress, Shoes, Accessories, Faux Fur: Century Fiesta
Clutch: Cotton On
Make up & Hair: A Cut Above Academy
Seamless Adhesive V BRA Nubra: Supermodel Secrets

Overall, Glitz and Glamour does make a beautiful lasting memory. I wonder if people in the 1920 actually had this much fun. hehe. Anyways, Empire City has definitely set the standards for hosting a wonderful party. Can't wait for the mall to be ready! :) 

For more information of Empire CityWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

Picture Credits: http://tellmewai.com | www.marcsjy.com | weibo.com/sharonchan | NST | Bowie | Deven | WL Jack | www.facebook.com/KKiatPhotography

Have a glamorous week ahead!
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