Food: An Ice Cream Lover's Dream - JWEL Royal Flavours

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Food: An Ice Cream Lover's Dream - JWEL Royal Flavours
Calling all Ice Cream fans, you are in for a treat. There is a new ice cream brand in town and it's none other than JWEL, a royal treat by F&N Creameries. Manage to catch JWEL's roadshow at Tropicana City Mall. Was really impressed with their royalty themed at their roadshow. They even had a throne of Chocolate at the road show! Continue reading and I will let you know what you can get from participating at JWEL's roadshows.

JWEL brings us into a world of luxurious mixed with indulgence and intrigue. It's royal range of flavours consist of 5 variants. The flavours are The Decadent Duke of Vanilla, The Curvaceous Countess of Tiramisu, The Delectable Duchess of Double Chocolate, The Extravagant Earl of Caramel and The Brazen Baron of the Dark Forest. So which royal flavour do you think sounds the best? For me it would be The Curvaceous Countess of Tiramisu. Never knew Tiramisu could sound so feminine and powerful. 

I love how vibrant looking JWEL's packing is. Notice how the different flavours can be visually seen from the different colours and patterns. Besides that, since JWEL's theme is royalty, it's only befitting to have each wrapper bearing a golden crown.

Where to get JWEL?
Selected leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide (AEON Big is one of them!)

How much is JWEL?
Retail price of RM 3.50 per stick or RM 13.80 for a multipack of 4 sticks.

Want to know more about JWEL Royals? 
The colourful stories of the JWEL Royals can be found on the back of the ice cream wrappers. Go get one now to get a glimpse into the distinctiveness of the different flavours,

FYI if you buy JWEL's multipack, you can get it at RM 11.88 only! :D

Remember I talked about the Chocolate Throne found at JWEL's roadshows? Well, if you were to take a photo with the throne and share the picture on JWEL Facebook Page during JWEL's Roadshow, then would receive a complimentary JWEL ice cream :D All good stuff ought to be share right? Go share this with your friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, uncles, aunties, neighbours and anyone else you see on the street. hehe.

JWEL have in total 14 roadshows, don't miss out on the remaining roadshows. How often can you say that you taken a picture with a chocolate throne? ;)

JWEL Roadshows:

23-Jan (Fri)      10am-5pm       : MMU Cyberjaya
25-Jan (Sun)     8.30am-2pm   : British Malaysian Uni
26-Jan (Mon)   10am-5pm       : Taylor's Lake Side
27-Jan (Tues)   10am-5pm       : SEGI Kota Damansara
28-Jan (Wed)   10am-5pm       : Unisel Bestari Jaya
29-Jan (Thurs) 10am-5pm       : Help University College
30-Jan (Fri)      10am-5pm       : German Malaysian Institute
4-Feb (Wed)    10am-5pm       : Inti Subang
5-Feb  (Thurs) 10am-5pm       : Unisel Shah Alam
6-Feb  (Fri)      10am-5pm       : UTAR PJ
9-Feb  (Mon)   10am-5pm       : Inti Nilai

The throne and I

You can also do a "Game of the throne" pose if you want. Fyi: I'm actually holding a JWEL Ice Cream if you're wondering why is my hand positioned that way. lol 

BTW, JWEL is currently having a CONTEST! Stand a chance to win great prizes by just voting for your favourite JWEL. Mine is the Black Forest, what about you? Click HERE to join the contest. Make sure to also like their Facebook Page :D

 Make sure to not miss out on these goodies!
Have a beautiful weekend!
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