Personal: 3 Things to Make 2015 a Wonderful Year

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Personal: 3 Things to Make 2015 a Wonderful Year
It's been 15 days since a new year has started. How is your 2015 so far? Any of you hitting the gym hard or burying your face with the textbooks? I for one can tell you that I have already been procrastinating. I feel like things that I could do in 4 hours, is now being stretch to a 4 day span of workload. Does it make sense to you? Even my luggage bag that I took an hour to pack for Korea, has been lying on my living room floor waiting for me to unpack it since I got back on Sunday. 

Starting from today, I'm gonna be following three things that I heard by our senior Pastor on New Year Service. Yes, I went to church on New Year's morning. It is sort of like an annual ritual. Sometimes it's good to have traditions, it keeps us in balance.

3 Things to Make 2015 a Wonderful Year:

1. Giving Thanks - For the good and bad that had happened.
Not sure if any of you do this, but at the end of every December, I will try my best to list down my hits and misses of the year. This year I did something different actually, I went up to various people to have a meal with them and to just clear any miscommunication we had in the past. Was that a good idea? YES. Was it easy to do? NO. But I do feel neutral now when ever I think of them and it's good to not have any ill intention or perception of someone. Not to say that I hate lots of people but sometimes our emotion gets the better of us. In order to protect ourselves from getting hurt, we just build up a wall of anger and dislike to a person. So yeah, listen down the good and bad, try to give thanks that it happen. Though the bad things that happened in 2014 was hard and stressful, I bet we all manage to learn something out of the given situations. 

2. Going Forward 2015 - Plan, Commit, Analyse.

A. Think of what held you back in 2014. Was it a person? Was it a personal attribute, like hurts? Laziness? Lack of motivation? Sometimes, reflecting ought to be the hardest and scariest thing to do. To actually come to a realization of what a small little ridiculous factor could actually be your biggest weakness.

B. Now make a plan of how you want 2015 to be
-Make sure to be realistic
-Ask a friend to be your check buddy. So at least you would have someone to see your progress.

Also be prepare for 2015 by dealing with our inner self. 
Most of the times we don't realize this but our greatest enemy could be ourselves.

3. Growing in Intimacy

All we need is love. Love. Not just grow in intimacy with that one special person but with our friends and family as well. We often forget and under appreciate those that always had our backs no matter what situation. Especially family. They may be annoying and geeking at times but they are the one group that loves us the most ever since birth. Without any condition or bias, they had love us since birth. Feel like this year, I will take an initiative to appreciate all those around me and stop seeking for approval from others.

I always thought that once I'm 23, I would be a mature lady with a job and a boyfriend. I wish someone from the past could have corrected me and teach me not to take life so seriously.

If I could I want to travel to another foreign country this year. Yes I know I just came back from Korea but life is short and I want to see the world and learn cultures before reality strikes. I can't wait to share with you all my Korea trip, some of the things that I had to do there, still gave me nightmares. LOL. Shall share with you all soon. But if you are impatient, do check out my facebook page for a sneak preview of my Korea trip.

Anyways I hope all of you have been productive to reaching to your dream
Hope you all have a blessed weekend ahead!

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