Food: Royal Ice Cream (JWEL)

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Food: Royal Ice Cream (JWEL)
13 more days to Chinese New Year! Have your family bought all of the necessary stuff? My family already got some drinks and peanuts ready to entertain guests and the sales now is crazy! Good time to shop for CNY stuff. Anyways not sure if you all remember my previous post of JWEL (Ice Cream), I'm back with a review of it! :D

Fancy right their packaging?

BTW they are still having some of their roadshows at Universities, to see the list CLICK HERE. It could be your university!

So like I mentioned at my previous post, JWEL has 5 flavours. They are Vanilla, Tiramisu, Double Chocolate, Caramel and Dark Forest. I wrote before that Tiramisu was my favorite but I now have to say I got another favourite which is Black Forest. I'm a sucker for fruity taste so maybe that is why I love it :D

If you are looking for something neutral and fresh then this is the ice cream for you. Love how the combination of their nutty chocolate coat goes so beautifully with the fresh vanilla taste. It's a classic flavour no one could resist!

Coffee and Ice cream. What more can I say? Love how this gave me a "pick me up" taste. It's a little strong but if you're a fan of affogato or tiramisu then you will love this!

Double Chocolate
This was really chocolate-ty. Good news for all of you chocolate fans! However, it was a little too much for me. Then again, you have to know that I'm not really a chocolate fan. More towards coffee and fruit.

This kind of have a bittersweet/savoury kind of taste? It was not bad actually. My family loved it. Try this if you wanna opt for something unique!

Dark Forest
Saved the best for last. If you are a fan of cherry then you will love this! The cherry taste was inevitable. It's the first thing I tasted and even overpowered the chocolate coat. lol. I love it since I'm a fan of dark forest but if you don't like cherry and like neutral stuff, then I would recommend the vanilla for you.

Since it's always hot during Chinese New Year, this would be a perfect welcome snack for your guest. I already stock up two boxes of my favourite favours!

RM 3.50 per stick
RM 13.80 for a pack of 4 sticks

Available at hypermarkets and supermarkets. I got mine at Big Aeon.

 For more information: 

 Have a beautiful weekend ahead!
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