Food: Selfie Coffee Cafe ( Bandar Sunway, Selangor)

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Food: Selfie Coffee Cafe ( Bandar Sunway, Selangor)
There are moments in life that are significant to us. Be it our graduation, getting our first car or even getting our first paycheck! We all want to document those moments. What other better way to document those moment with a selfie? Nowadays, we don't even need an occasion as a reason to take a selfie, we do it because we just want to. And guess what? A cafe in Malaysia thought of a wonderful idea to help bring selfies to a whole new level! Here I present to you the newest cafe in town (2 Day Old to be exact), Selfie Coffee Cafe!

Selfie Coffee Cafe was found in Penang and finally they have open their second branch in Selangor at Sunway, opposite of Sunway University. Aside from Sunway, Selfie Coffee Cafe is also planning to open other outlets in Johor and Singapore. So all you selfie fans can have a chance to have your face as a coffee art!

Rustic Interior

So how to get a Selfie Coffee?
1. Order your desired drink (You can either opt for a cold or hot drink) at the counter
2. Go to the photocorner to take a selfie with their camera
3. Wait for your drink to arrive

 Here is my selfie

Hot Caramel Macchiato || RM 13

The foam is really thick at the top. You won't be able to taste much for awhile until you reach your coffee. The taste of the coffee is pretty much the same. I guess the main selling point is having your face as the coffee art instead of some cute bear.

Icy Chocolate Mousse || RM 9.90

This was really rich for me, but my sis absolutely loved it. It was a thick layer of chocolate coating on the outside, which after one bite was all I could take. Chocolate fans would definitely love this. Thank goodness they serve free water in the cafe, so do make sure to request for it when you're there!

 You can even have fun drawing on the table while waiting for your drink to arrive


So sis and I decided to get one with us together

 Came out not bad right? We chose a cold coffee instead.

They also have a big breakfast set. Saw a table eating it, wanted to order it but wasn't in the food for anything savoury yet. It was RM 16 for the breakfast set. Prices are nett and there is no additional charges. They got free wifi too, so I guess students around can hope over to do their assignments.

 FYI this isn't a sponsored post. 
Just found it amusing that finally a cafe integrated selfies with their drinks.

Selfie Coffee Cafe
No. 41, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46510 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

10 AM - 10 PM

Happy Selfie-ing!
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